Engineering (Items – BOMS – Routing) Modules

Ensure that you have the right documents and processes to make the right products.

Create and maintain a master list of products and purchased materials, including all associated data such as process routings, bills of materials (BOMs) and multi-out production configurations. Define material properties and specifications. Manage Engineering Change Requests (ECRs).

Bill of Materials

  • Define the materials, components or ingredients of each product
  • Specify component or consumption quantities in native units of measure
  • Display BOMs via indented, exploded, drill-down or other views
  • Nest unlimited build levels and unrestricted numbers of components

Engineering Change Request

  • Submit ECRs to engineering
  • Track ECRs using custom workflows and maintain ongoing documentation of revisions and effectivities

Heats and Chemistries

  • Set up a specialized version of the standard receiving system, optimized for metallic raw materials
  • Receive material that has been defined in the material specification system
  • Validate the chemistry and physical characteristics of incoming materials against engineering specifications
  • Create inventory records and barcoded labels for each inventory unit being received

Manufacturer Part

  • Link products procured from multiple manufacturers to your internal part list to satisfy job requirements for specific source of manufacture

Manufacturing Masters

  • Tie together and manage a manufacturing process of any length, including complex interconnections of components, routings, BOMs and multi-outs

Material Templates

  • Define detailed chemical and physical specifications for materials such as steel, aluminum and other metals
  • Create user-definable specification templates
  • Link multiple materials to a product or item, and multiple products or items to a material

Multi-Out Production

  • Identify and control manufacturing processes where multiple different items are produced from a single operation
  • Use the “die cavity status” feature to flexibly control variable combinations of output items

Part List

  • Create and maintain a master list of products and purchased materials, including all associated classification data such as part or item number, name, description, revision level, status and much more
  • Link part list information to any aspect or screen of the Plex system
  • Store digital images associated with an item for display throughout the system
  • Quickly navigate to other areas of the system (using the sub-menu) to access the item’s process routing, specifications, history, inventory and so on

Process Routings

  • Create routings to define and control the sequence of operations required to manufacture or process a given product
  • Store operation number, operation name, approved workcenters and suppliers, crew size, weight, container type and other key routing data