Plant Floor Mobile Access Modules

Go wireless but keep plant floor data right at your fingertips.

Plant Floor Mobile Access allows you to use handheld mobile scanners to quickly and easily receive barcoded material and supplies while tracking tool and MRO inventory. Prepare and load finished goods for shipping and perform inventory cycle counts. Record inventory transactions including moves, splits and merges.

Mobile Cycle Count

  • Use mobile barcode scanning to perform inventory cycle counts based on various user-specified parameters including location, part number, inventory type, etc.

Mobile Inventory

  • Use handheld scanners to perform all essential inventory functions including: moving containers; splitting, merging and retiring containers; loading workcenters; building master units; viewing and updating container details

Mobile Menu System

  • Self-configure the menu structure used by plant floor mobile devices

Mobile Receiving

  • Use mobile barcode scanning to perform receiving functions

Mobile Shipping

  • Use handheld scanners to quickly and accurately perform shipping-related inventory transactions such as staging, loading and unloading containers

Mobile Supply

  • Use mobile barcode scanning to perform supply (MRO) management functions

Mobile Tool Tracking

  • Use mobile barcode scanning to perform tool tracking functions such as moving tools to and from workcenters and performing tool cycle counts