Quality Management Modules

Maintain quality disciplines, tools and techniques to drive data collection for all quality measurement and processes.

Give yourself the advantage of adding essential quality disciplines as an integral part of your production processes. Use tools and techniques like product specifications and control plans to continuously improve processes. Use deviation tracking as well as checksheets and process instructions to drive inspection data collection for SPC requirements. Quality Management in the Plex Manufacturing Cloud enables you to meet compliance requirements with the ability to trace production from start to finish.

Checksheets and Process Instructions

  • Access production instructions and author checksheets directly from the control panel
  • Fully integrated with and driven from the Control Plans module

Control Plans

  • Help ensure compliance with quality standards by creating and managing powerful and effective, highly-detailed process control plans with detailed inspection instructions and checksheets
  • Specify sample frequency, control chart type and other quality-oriented data
  • Define control plans specific to each product, product type or process
  • Optionally create one or more “common” control plans to cover a whole range of products or processes in a generic fashion
  • View and execute control plan instructions and checksheets directly from the Control Panel and other interfaces
  • Integrated with product specifications
  • Is often a necessary element for quality standard compliance

Inspection Data Collection

  • Establish and maintain a detailed list of product dimensions and characteristics
  • Where appropriate, define formulas that derive variable specification limits from data such as actual chemical composition of the inventory being produced
  • Optionally specify SPC special cause alert parameters and significant characteristic symbols
  • Keep a complete history of specification changes and applicability over time

Deviation Tracking

  • Track approved deviations from control plan specifications during the production process

Issue Management

  • Identify and record issues on which company focus needs to be maintained

Process Flow Charts

  • Create presentation-quality process flow diagrams
  • Diagrams are dynamic and driven directly from process routing data


  • Collect in-process inspection data for statistical process control (SPC)
  • Perform capability studies, dock audits and any special user-defined checks
  • View data with on-screen charts such as histogram, average and range, run chart and individuals chart
  • Automatically complete all statistical calculations such as standard deviation and process capability (Cp/Cpk)
  • Integrated with the part specifications, control plans and gage control
  • Is often a necessary element for quality standard compliance

Specification Management (Documents)

  • Manage and track documents such as material specifications and other external standards