SmartPlex Mobile

Access the Plex Manufacturing Cloud from anywhere you have Internet access.

Access your Plex Manufacturing Cloud ERP data from your iOS or Android mobile device when you’re on the go. Access interfaces optimized for small form factor devices to respond to workflow actions or approvals, enter expense reports or view the corporate directory and contact list.

SmartPlex Contact Management

  • Access and update your Plex Manufacturing Cloud contact information directly from your mobile device.

SmartPlex Corporate Directory

  • View and update “In/Out” status, phone and email information of employees via your mobile device.
  • Toggle your own In/Out status with a single screen tap on your phone or tablet.

SmartPlex Expense Tracking

  • Enter and update expense records and detail from your mobile devices.

SmartPlex Security and Administration

  • Require a PIN-enabled login screen for easy yet secure access to SmartPlex.
  • Administer deactivation of lost or stolen devices to ensure mobile security.

SmartPlex User Support

  • Review, respond to and update User Support Requests directly from SmartPlex.

SmartPlex Workflow

  • Review and respond to workflow actions from your phone or tablet.

SmartPlex Document Control System

  • Easily search for and launch documents stored in the Plex Document Control System via an application optimized for mobile devices such as smartphones.

SmartPlex IntelliPlex Integration

  • Launch and use IntelliPlex business intelligence system portals from the SmartPlex mobile access menu.