Gaining Operational Control: Lean, Mean, or Somewhere In Between
White Paper
Lean manufacturing techniques are focused on reducing waste in production processes yet many examples of waste still persist. See how a single source of real-time operational data, available at any time, can bring to light waste that often hides in ...
Is Your ERP Controlling Your Production Floor?
White Paper
Get a true picture of your production floor. See the importance of accurately tracking production, orders, quality checks and more.
Cloud MES for Food & Beverage Manufacturers
White Paper
This white paper examines the evolution of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) for food and beverage manufacturers and why the cloud is the best platform for synchronization of MES with Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).
Three Functional Dimensions Converge On Smart Manufacturing
White Paper
Are you confused about how to achieve Smart Manufacturing? In this paper, MESA provides a clear path forward.
What's Happening with MES on Your Shop Floor
Manufacturing Execution System (MES), White Paper
From tracking shop floor activity to accessing real-time data, see the importance of MES on the manufacturing shop floor.
How to Comply with Rev. C.: Aerospace Best Practices
White Paper, Aerospace
Learn from an aerospace industry expert. Detailed paper shares how to comply with Rev. C. mandates by tapping into the power of ERP automation.
Why Supply Chain Integration and Visibility Is the Future for Manufacturers
White Paper, Aerospace
Find out how cloud ERP delivers effective sourcing and a scalable supply chain for manufacturers.
6 Steps for Selecting the Right ERP System for Your Manufacturing Business
White Paper
Discover six proven steps for finding the right ERP systems for your manufacturing business—and make the best choice.
Manufacturing Execution System (MES) in the Cloud
White Paper
Stay ahead of your competition by investing in a key strategic technology for the shop floor. This white paper examines the evolution of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES) and why the cloud is the best platform for synchronization of MES with Ent...
The Four Elements of an Effective Food Safety Management System
White Paper, Food and Beverage
Food safety depends on HACCP compliance, instant traceability and recall management. Here’s your chance to learn more.
Supplier Portals: Insight into an Efficient Supply Chain
White Paper
Can you effectively manage your supply chain? Read about real-time and seamless communication throughout the supply chain.
Overall Equipment Effectiveness
White Paper, Automotive
What is OEE and why is it important? It’s a metric that helps reduce loss of production time and increases production. Learn more here.
4th Annual State of Manufacturing Technology Report
White Paper
Download the report to discover how manufacturers are positioning their companies ahead of those with no technology modernization plans.
3 Ways to Solve the Manufacturing Headcount Shortage and Meet Customer Demand
White Paper
A major challenge in the manufacturing industry is building and maintaining a skilled workforce. Download this white paper to see how leading manufacturers are solving the headcount shortage problem.
How Analytics, Dashboards, and Intelligence are Transforming Manufacturing
Cloud ERP Technology, White Paper
Discover how cloud ERP can improve your manufacturing intelligence by providing real-time analytics and more. Click here.
Eight “Must Have” ERP Features for Food Processors
White Paper, Food and Beverage
The Plex Manufacturing Cloud serves up one-up/one-back traceability, document management, and recipe management. Processors can’t miss this informative white paper.
Product Data Management for Manufacturers in the Cloud
White Paper
Download this white paper and learn how product data management can help you convert design information into manufacturing operations so everyone is in sync.
A SaaS Primer
White Paper
Manufacturers do better in the cloud. See how the SaaS or cloud model works for you. Avoid costly hardware, licenses and complex version upgrades.
Can "Easy" Really Be Built into ERP and MES Software?
Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), White Paper, Automotive
Download this white paper to learn more about the four keys to ERP and MES ease-of-use for your manufacturing business.
5 ERP Upgrade Challenges and How to Eliminate Them
White Paper
Download this white paper to understand why running old versions of ERP software is a dead-end solution.
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