Must Have ERP Features for the Automotive Industry
White Paper, Automotive
Purpose-built ERP for automotive suppliers delivers winning results. EDI, quality and traceability let you compete on cost, quality and speed. Learn more.
Seven Must-Have ERP Features for High Tech/Electronics Manufacturers
White Paper, High Tech and Electronics
What are the seven ERP features needed in high tech/electronics? Paper sheds light on key technology needed to outpace your competition.
The Definitive Guide to Connected Manufacturing
Cloud ERP Manufacturing, White Paper
Discover how connected manufacturing turns challenges into opportunities and transforms how you do business.
10 Critical Questions Manufacturers Should Ask ERP Vendors
White Paper
See the key questions a manufacturer should ask about ERP ease of modification, infrastructure and total cost of ownership.
Manufacturing Agility through MES Excellence
White Paper, Precision Metalforming, Food and Beverage
Manufacturing agility is increasingly important in today’s world of wildly fluctuating demand, short product cycles and constant change. This paper will discuss how to achieve manufacturing agility through strong links from the plant floor and manag...
ERP Selection and Implementation Tips from Manufacturers Who've Done It Successfully
White Paper
This white paper gives some tips and tricks for selecting and implementing an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system. Get tips for selecting the right system for your industry, techniques for managing change, pointers for best practice adoption a...
The Effective Supply Chain
White Paper
The next wave of supply chain ERP helps the enterprise win. This paper shows how to cut costs, improve quality and realize supply chain efficiencies.
Cloud ERP Turns IIoT into a Critical Strategy for Manufacturing
Industrial Internet of Things (IoT), White Paper
Read this white paper to learn how cloud ERP enables the industrial internet of things (IIoT) across the manufacturing enterprise.
The Power of Controlling the Plant Floor for Food and Beverage
White Paper
Get a clear view of what is happening on the plant floor to track complete genealogies. A can’t-miss white paper for food processors.
A Balanced Product Lifecycle Management System is Essential to Profitable Growth
White Paper
There’s power in tight integration between ERP and PLM. This paper shows how to improve productivity, accuracy and decision making.
How Cloud Computing Can Eliminate Counterfeit Parts through Containment and Traceability
White Paper, Aerospace and Defense
Find out how cloud computing can eliminate counterfeit parts through better containment and traceability, which is essential to ensuring product reliability and safety.
Ten Warning Signs That Your ERP System is Killing Your Business
White Paper
Is your ERP system killing your business? Paper highlights common pitfalls stemming from lengthy implementations and costly upgrades.
2017 State of Manufacturing Technology Report
White Paper
The 2017 State of Manufacturing Technology Report surveys over 150 manufacturing organizations on how they are using technology to drive the Fourth Industrial Revolution, growth, and innovation from the shop floor to the top floor.
Tying the Shop Floor to the ERP System
White Paper
Harness the power of the plant floor. See what happens when ERP is at the heart of manufacturing, tightly linking the shop floor to the top floor.
The Power of Inventory Control: How Integrated, Serialized Inventory Tracking Delivers a Competitive Advantage
White Paper
Cut inventory costs and improve accuracy. A timely white paper shares tips for improved inventory control.
How High Tech Manufacturers Can Ensure Higher Quality and Optimize EBITDA
White Paper, High Tech and Electronics
This white paper outlines how high tech manufacturers can use EBITDA as a measure for core profitability. It also gives manufacturers the ability to compare their own EBITDA performance within their industry.
7 Must Have ERP Features for Plastics Manufacturers
White Paper
As a plastics manufacturing company, you compete in a highly competitive marketplace, with short product lifecycles and thin margins. Your ERP system needs to be flexible and agile enough to handle an industry that is driven by volatile commodity-ba...
ERP Implementation Best Practices: Manufacturers and the Cloud Delivery Model
White Paper
Manufacturers can’t afford lengthy ERP implementations and competition for limited IT resources. This paper shares a smarter approach.
3 Reasons Why Manufacturers Choose Plex
White Paper
Find out the competitive advantages of running your business with the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.
Customize Your Plex Experience with VisionPlex
White Paper
Customize your ERP with VisionPlex. See how to dynamically configure screens, design new screens, and link screens together.
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