Cloud-based ERP: Finally Time For Back Office As A Service?

Analyst Research

GigaOm Research discusses how the same demands and complexity that once made cloud implementations seem problematic are now making the cloud inevitable. Many of the greatest cloud advantages are realized when provided as SaaS, although for various operational and regulatory reasons not all organizations will opt for SaaS delivery. Still, a majority of firms will adopt the underlying cloud technology, and the pace of that adoption is accelerating. Download this report to:

  • See why ERP has been the last major application to be moved to the cloud and why this will change over the next two to three years.
  • Understand how new capabilities at the operational and at external customer and supplier levels may deliver the greatest ultimate return.
  • Learn how customers will benefit from newer, more adaptable cloud technology.
“Shortened production cycles, greater customization, greater precision, and stronger audit trails are all becoming the standard in manufacturing.” "Cloud-based ERP: finally time for back office as a service? " Analyst Research

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