Building Integrated Quality Processes in Aerospace and Defense

Analyst Research

Explore a new framework for A&D with this report from LNS Research. Move away from managing quality in silos, and bring together product, process, and performance data from Enterprise Quality Management Software (EQMS), Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP), Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM), and other enterprise applications. This integrated approach infuses quality into aspects of a product’s lifecycle from design, sourcing, manufacturing, and shipping through service, all while connecting functional teams from those stages. Download this report to:

  • See an overview of the Aerospace and Defense industry and top Quality Management objectives and challenges.
  • Learn how to build an integrated quality solution.
  • Understand closed-loop Quality in A&D.
  • Explore the impact of closed-loop Quality processes in Quality KPIs.
  • Get actionable recommendations for building your own integrated quality system.
“As operating margins continue to tighten and A&D companies rely more on the global supplier network and partners, integrated quality processes will become requisite in today’s environment.” "Building Integrated Quality Processes in Aerospace and Defense" Analyst Research

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