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2021 IDC SaaS ERP Customer Satisfaction Award

Plex Systems has been awarded the IDC 2021 SaaS ERP Customer Satisfaction Award

Ultimately, it’s customers who have the definitive say on any company’s value for products and services. That’s why Plex is honored to receive the IDC 2021 SaaS ERP Customer Satisfaction Award, a distinction based on ratings in IDC’s SaaSPath survey.

“By receiving customer satisfaction survey ratings that exceed industry benchmarks in areas such as innovation, trust, and new feature releases, Plex Systems is one of the few SaaS ERP vendors that demonstrated superior performance and earned this award. In today’s world where ransomware attacks and cybersecurity make headlines almost daily, Plex stands out with world-class security and data management.” - Eric Newmark, IDC Group VP

Out of 2,100 organizations across all geographic regions and company sizes, Plex received among the highest customer satisfaction scores. Companies rated Plex on 32 metrics including ease of implementation, value, built-in decision guidance, and more. While Plex surpassed the competition in nearly every area, it most significantly outshined other SaaS vendors when it came to robust data security.

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Plex Customer Satisfaction Ratings vs. ERP Vendor Average Ratings