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What is Cloud ERP?


When your software, data, and related infrastructure are hosted remotely and accessed via the Internet. ‘Native' cloud takes this a step further by developing all capabilities and functions in the cloud, exclusively for cloud delivery.


Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Solution

An integrated suite of modules that forms the operational and transactional system of record for your business.

World-class functionality without the cost, upkeep or headaches of traditional ERP implementations.

Test Your Cloud IQ

How can a Cloud ERP solution help your growing business?


Lower total cost of ownership


Eliminate the cost and effort of upgrading systems


Decrease start-up costs


Quickly scale and adapt to your ever-changing business needs


All of the above

Correct Answer: E

In recent technology surveys, manufacturers said Cloud ERP:

41% - Lowers total cost of ownership

39% - Reduces the cost and effort of upgrades

37% - Decreases startup costs

66% - Improves plant productivity

The Cloud Advantage

Speeds up business innovation and employee efficiency

Reduces IT cost and complexity

Brings your company into the new generation of enterprise software

Provides a single, unified version of the truth

Allows total system access from any Internet connection over any device

Cloud/SaaS offers superior security and availability, seamless scalability and no business interruptions caused by hardware or software upgrades or expansions

Plex customers surveyed say...

100of customers on the current release
98renewal rate with its Plex Manufacturing Cloud customers
77expect to increase plant or enterprise integration of cloud technologies
73plan to enhance quality programs as a result of cloud technologies
81say it improved mobile access to data
74have better process integration

See What Plex Customers Are Saying About Cloud

"What that gives us is real confidence in the processes we are running, the accuracy of the data we are capturing, the visibility of our operations, and the quality of the products we are creating and shipping to customers."- Matt Shamblin, Technical Services Manager at Caltherm
"Plex was the obvious choice for us because it could be rapidly implemented and because we felt its intuitive interface would be popular with our users. What's more, we were impressed that Plex was designed for shop floor employees first, whereas other ERP systems appear to be geared toward accounting and other back-office functions."- Jason Parsell, Site Training Coordinator at Valfilm
"Via the Plex document management system we can share vital information and use the activity manager to track processes in real-time and make the improvements that our data tells us we need. Now people are beginning to spend more time on analysis and less on collecting data, which makes for a more efficient and effective workforce."- Michael Trathen, Senior Manager Lean Systems at American Axle & Manufacturing (AAM)

What IT Thinks Of Cloud

Plex delivers 99.985% uptime. That translates to about one-and-one-half minutes per week, on average, that the system is unavailable.

"Essentially it gave us one system with all the manufacturing processes we needed, fully integrated, so that we could undertake wholesale change across our organization, without having to buy add-ons or make huge customizations."- Matt Shamblin, Technical Services Manager at Caltherm

Cloud users spend an average of 16.3% less as a percentage of revenue on IT operations and 18.5% less per user, compared to traditional on-site IT.

"Running Plex is a liberating experience in that we can target our IT resources at helping users get maximum value from Plex, rather than taking care of its administration."- Michael Trathen, Senior Manager Lean Systems at American Axle & Manufacturing (AAM)
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