Automotive Manufacturer Reduces Inventory and Increases Customer Satisfaction through Cloud ERP
Customer Success Story, Video, Automotive
Plex created real business benefits for Ralco Industries by reducing scrap rates, downtime, employee turnover, setup times, and more.
Dominion Liquid Enables Inventory Control Near 100% Accuracy
Video, Customer Success Story, Food and Beverage
Liquid goods manufacturer improved traceability, quality and inventory control capabilities, with an integrated ERP system from the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. This video captures their ERP selection process.
Ask a Customer: What Are Some of the Benefits From Implementing Your WCI Program?
Video, Precision Metalforming, Food and Beverage
With Plex, GR Spring & Stamping's employees generated a total of 8,450 implemented continuous improvement ideas.
Floracraft Supplier Scales for Growth with a Centralized ERP System in the Cloud
Video, Industrial Manufacturing
At Powerplex 2015, FloraCraft talks about how cloud ERP has helped their manufacturing business compete with the larger consumer brand suppliers, Director of Management Information and Operation Planning, Steve Carlson. Watch this video to find out ...
Achieve Operational Excellence with ERP Software Built For Aerospace & Defense Manufacturers
Video, Aerospace and Defense
Plex offers IT freedom and operational excellence to meet the needs of aerospace & defense suppliers.
Effortless Implementation of ERP Software Improves Operations for Major Supplier
Video, Industrial Manufacturing
FloraCraft replaced its legacy system and gained a unified view of operations allowing them to fulfill their customers' needs.
Manufacturing Software Designed to Help You Make What's Next
Video, Precision Metalforming, Food and Beverage
From imagination to design, engineering and creation, Plex helps companies deliver innovative products that make life better.
Ask a Customer: What are Some of the Results of Your WCI Program?
Video, Precision Metalforming, Food and Beverage
GR Spring & Stamping's employees implemented continuous improvement ideas, saving them $1.2 million.
What's Next: ERP Manufacturing of the Future
Video, Precision Metalforming, Food and Beverage
No more waiting for the future of manufacturing to arrive: it's here. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud ushers in a new era of ERP with a complete system designed to power today's modern manufacturer.
Plante Moran Scores with Ongoing Succesful ERP Implementations
Video, Precision Metalforming, Food and Beverage
At Powerplex, Plante Moran, a leading global implementer of the Plex Manufacturing Cloud talks about how the ERP system from Plex has helped their business to successfully lead implementations for start-ups through global, multi-locations companies....
ShopTalk: Women in Manufacturing
Janice D'Amico, Plex Specialist from Hatch Stamping talks about the lack of women in manufacturing. She offers advice on attracting and retaining women employees in the manufacturing and technology industries. Watch the complete video here. (6:53)
How ERP Software Helped Electronics Manufacturer Reduce Operating Costs and Achieve ROI
Video, Aerospace and Defense, High Tech and Electronics
Plex replaced 40 stand-alone spreadsheets at Phoenix Logistics, reduced processing times by 75%, and allowed the company to successfully manage a 50% growth rate.
Firstronic Accelerates Successful ERP Implementation
Video, Customer Success Story, High Tech and Electronics
See how Firstronic shifted off a legacy ERP solution and implemented Plex Cloud ERP in 90 days, enabling faster growth, better customer collaboration, and shortened lead times.
FT Precision Transforms Shop Floor Control with Plante Moran and Plex Cloud ERP
Shop Floor Control, Customer Success Story, Video
Moving from paper-based processes to software-driven integrated processes has given FT Precision instant access to real-time data, allowing for faster and better decisions.
Superior ERP Software: Technology Manufacturer Integrates Plex and Experiences Unmatched Traceability
Customer Success Story, Video, High Tech and Electronics
EaglePicher Technologies reduced their inventory valuation by $350,000 within the first 18 months, and increased customer satisfaction by improving data accuracy and accessibility to respond to customer needs.
Plex MES: Traceability, Quality, and Peak Performance
Manufacturing Execution System (MES), Video
Watch this video to find out how you can get control of your shop floor execution with end-to-end inventory traceability, closed-loop quality and a real-time production ecosystem with Plex manufacturing execution system (MES). (2:14)
Sanders Summer Blockbuster
Video, Food and Beverage
A sweet story of implementation: Plex helps candymaker Sanders get ready for growth with no downtime and no headaches.
The Plex ERP User Experience
Cloud ERP Technology, Cloud Security, Video
Plex has reimagined the ERP user experience by connecting the people, devices, and machines by creating the right interface for the right role.
The Future of Manufacturing is Now with Plex Cloud ERP
Plex cloud ERP is revolutionizing the manufacturing industry by eliminating data silos, software upgrades, and connecting the plant floor. (1:32)
Achieve Operational Excellence with ERP Software Designed For Automotive Manufacturers
Video, Automotive
Plex's cloud-based ERP system enables operational, financial and IT strategy in ways traditional ERP cannot.
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