How To Install the Plex WorkCenter Lookup Add-In for Microsoft Excel


Simple and Purposeful

Watch how simple it is to install the Plex Workcenter Lookup Add-In for Microsoft Excel. (2:04)

Simple and Purposeful

Video Transcription

Microsoft Excel is an application many of us are familiar with … What if you could connect the Microsoft Excel with the Plex Manufacturing Cloud? Or any Microsoft Office Productivity application?

We, at Plex, are dedicated to making your job easier—that’s why we’re excited to introduce a free Microsoft Excel add-in using the Plex REST API framework. Simply install the Plex WorkCenter Lookup Add-In to get started.

To show you how easy it is, this is a simple interface that’s pre-connected to the Plex demo company named EDGE Enterprises. From here, you just type in the WorkCenter ID or search for WorkCenters and select one from the list. Now you can see WorkCenter details including what job is running, what part it makes, what’s the status of the current job, and more. Want to bring this WorkCenter data into Excel? Simply start with a date range.

Choose the type of historical data that you want to get for that WorkCenter. No programming, no coding, no waiting, no export-import. Simply point-and-click and the data is in Excel.

Want to connect the Plex WorkCenter Lookup Add-In to your Plex Manufacturing Cloud instance? Just follow these easy steps, as shown here. At Plex, we are focused on giving you the best technology that is simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use so you can make the best products in your industry.

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