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Rockwell Automation Has Acquired Plex Systems

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Cloud-based inventory management with a high-resolution genealogy and traceability provides an accurate view of your inventory in real-time and at any point in its history. (3:50)


Video Transcription

With Plex Inventory Management, you’ll know where your inventory is, with real-time tracking throughout production.  High-resolution traceability provides “one up and one back” information about anything in inventory, from any point in time, for end-to-end accuracy. Fully integrated real-time tracking provides mistake-proof, precise tracking of raw materials, work-in-progress, and finished goods. High-resolution traceability delivers an automatic “paper-trail” to trace any detail about inventory from the supplier to customer. And the result is end-to-end accuracy that helps you know the whole truth about the inventory you have in-house at any time. The integral nature of serialized barcoding with Plex not only streamlines shipping and receiving but automatically captures incremental information at each point of production, including work-in-progress.  For example, you may capture data for operation, quantity, location, and status or any other information important to your business.   Plex manages material details by operation to provide accurate work-in-progress information enabling significantly better inventory accuracy. 

The Action Bar shows all of the options available to fully understand your inventory. From traceability to quality to costing, Plex gives you ultimate transparency. For every operation on the floor, a transaction is recorded in the system. Any number of data points can be captured at each activity resulting in a database that you can reference forever. The system tracks each component and all the activity related to the component with real-time data. You can even apply cost information to each activity to easily see the total cost for each part. If you want to see additional information, you can drill-down by clicking on the hyperlink.  Let’s take look at a Trace Tree that shows upstream and downstream genealogy that enables rapid response to customer queries. This allows you to quickly respond to events like quality issues or product recalls.  Plex can track a broad set of inventory details such as heat numbers, operators, quality checks and even the gauges that are used for inspection.  The result of this detailed visibility makes audits easy and can reduce the scope of your exposure in the event of a dreaded recall. From the Action Bar, you can check the traceability to see where the final product was shipped. Better traceability provides improved accuracy for your inventory valuation. All of your records are up to date, eliminating the need for physical inventory counts.  With the right information at the right time, you can reduce excess inventory and increase inventory turns. Plex Inventory Management delivers real-time tracking with high-resolution traceability, providing end-to-end accuracy. To learn more or see a more detailed demonstration, please contact Plex at 855-534-8012 or visit