Quatro Composites Gains Competitive Advantage with Cloud ERP


One Version of Truth

Discover how Plex's cloud ERP helped a composites manufacturer leverage big data and establish one version of truth. (1:11)

Video Transcription

With Plex, you know, the key for us is really the insight. Leveraging big data in the cloud, I think, is key to any business at this point. You know, if you want to stay ahead of any of your competitors or you want to be ahead of the curve for your customers, you have to have the data, and being able to drive that data very quickly. And with a lot of the tools that Plex provides, we're able to do that. What are our customer trends, our internal trends, and how do we share that and deliver it as fast as possible? 

It's driving home to a lot of manufacturers that data's number one these days. We have to have the metrics in order to go anywhere. The possibilities are endless when you're looking at carbon fiber and the capabilities there. I think a lot of it is getting, you know, driving cost and driving cost down, especially when you're looking at the rate of automotive, to ensure that you'll be able to provide for your customers efficiently. Especially keeping things lighter, safer, and stronger, particularly safer, that's really kind of what we hone in on, is making sure that all of our products deliver safety in the right fashion.

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