A Partnership in the Cloud

Mike: Once we found a system, we needed outside help to implement it and to keep improving.
Bob: And at that point, they said, "Well, your options are to have a Plex implementer or you can have someone in your area that's a Plex partner and work with you to implement stuff."
Mike: And we never had that in our old system. There was never really a partner to help us. And Control+M has been able to do that. 
Patti: I'm the owner of Control+M Solutions. It's a Plex partner that we started in 2003, and all we do is Plex, all Plex all day. So our goal is to teach a man to fish. We want you to be able to run Plex. The more I can teach them, the more they can do it themselves, and the more they can achieve without having to pick up the phone.
Bob: They spent many long hours in the conference room with us, listening to what we wanted to do with the system and they were very proactive with us, and it was a very educational experience as well.