Manufacturing Companies Rely on Plex for Digital Transformation


Cloud Manufacturing Software of Record for Digital Transformation

See why manufacturers who are leading the digital transformation rely on The Plex Manufacturing Cloud to connect everything in their business for a single source of truth. (2:02)

Video Transcription

You make things. We make your business more agile.

Plex is the cloud-based manufacturing system of record, connecting everything in your business to deliver control and visibility.

Our technology was built from the plant floor up to run real-time manufacturing execution in the cloud, fully integrated with top-floor ERP business management capabilities.

Modern manufacturers run their operations and businesses with Plex. To solve problems. To increase efficiency. To transform manual processes and paperwork into a seamless, automated experience for enterprises of any size.

Plex connects suppliers, customers, people, equipment, materials, and finances across multiple facilities to confidently create a single source of truth to run your manufacturing business. That comprehensive view enables manufacturers to compete more effectively in this dynamic digital age. 

With the Plex Manufacturing Cloud, time-consuming software maintenance and sorting through data silos for actionable information are eliminated. Plex’s efficiency and agility empowers manufacturers like you to be more agile and responsive to your customers.

No wonder, our customers continue to rely on Plex year after year with over 95% renewal rate. They are our biggest advocates.

“The differentiator between Plex and other systems is the ability to get what you need as quickly as possible.” [Shape Corp.]

“Plex speaks our language.” [Shape Corp.]

“This is the system of the future. Any company looking to outperform its competition and invest for the future will find its way to Plex.” [Ralco]

With Plex, you’re always ready for the future. Let us help you unlock the potential of your people and your business. Take your first step toward digital transformation. 

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