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Relevant, Flexible Reporting and Analytics for Your Enterprise

Plex business intelligence tools puts real-time data in your hands, so you can gain valuable business insights, and make smarter decisions for your manufacturing organization. (4:37)


Video Transcription

Plex captures detailed data at every stage of the manufacturing process, but what good is data without intelligence? Plex Business Intelligence makes reporting and analytics easy and flexible with no programming required to create custom reports and dashboards. Gain valuable business insights with IntelliPlex to maximize your investment in The Plex Manufacturing Cloud. We start out by navigating to the Business Intelligence menu within Plex and selecting IntelliPlex, the embedded Business Intelligence tool. IntelliPlex allows you to easily create reports, charts and dashboards, and manage them in your own folder structure using your company’s unique security settings. For example, users with IntelliPlex Builder Licenses can create folder hierarchies under the company Main Folder and then customize their security based on users, departments or specific groups. IntelliPlex security works in sync with Plex user security through an easy to use, configurable interface. When building IntelliPlex assets, users have a choice of pointing to preexisting data sources or more advanced users can even create their own sequel stored procedure. IntelliPlex’s capabilities don’t stop nearly at Plex data, but it also gives users the option to upload data from external sources, such as Microsoft Excel Spreadsheets, text files, or json file. We’ll select the Production Database for purposes of this demonstration. From the IntelliPlex document window, simply select the Insert Tab to select a chart, report, or existing asset. We’ll start by inserting a report and then a chart. We can then select among all the data elements within this particular source and start building a report simply by dragging and dropping. Let’s sum by quantity and specify that we want it by part number and also by part group. We are also going to filter by record date. Then, we can simply hit “run” to see our report based on our live data in the system. Creating a report is as simple as that. Reports don’t need to be bland and boring. You can choose from additional themes that apply various predefined stylesheets to your report to match your company’s brand or color scheme. We might want to limit the data by adding filters to the chart or report. For example, filtering on the date field to pull data from the current month only or a particular customer. You can make dashboards user friendly enough that anyone in the company can manipulate data to improve sites and make more informed business decisions. And creating highly visual charts is as simple as clicking a button. You can create charts using the same data source as the report or a different data source and still group the documents within the same dashboard. You can select from a variety of different chart types to help business users most easily analyze the data and make quick and informed decisions. But, IntelliPlex is so powerful that users can even create their own charts directly from the dashboard in real-time. Here, I’m creating an ad hoc pie chart that shows the distribution of part groups visually. And, you can change the part type on the fly or adjust the visualization. Since IntelliPlex is completely embedded within The Plex Manufacturing Cloud, any of the dashboards you create and save can be made available to users directly from the Plex Menu structure for easy access. Users can access all the key information they need within a single place in rich interactive dashboards, complete with reports and charts wrapped in formatting and styles to meet your company’s requirements and branding. Applications built within IntelliPlex can be shared with internal and external customers via Report Caster, a schedule tool that’s part of the IntelliPlex Business Intelligence platform. With IntelliPlex, all your users get current and trusted insights wherever they are within the right context and across the right devices to enable critical business decisions. To learn more, or to see a more detailed demonstration, please contact Plex at 855-534-8012, or online at