The Plex ERP User Experience


A Modern UI for Modern Manufacturers

Plex has reimagined the ERP user experience by connecting the people, devices, and machines by creating the right interface for the right role. (2:55)

Video Transcription

Working with legacy manufacturing ERP systems today is an impossible mission. Maintaining the outdated patchwork of technologies erodes plant productivity, degrades quality, induces training nightmares and attacks the bottom line. Worse, none of this software actually connects to the machines on the plant floor.

Your mission: connect employees, suppliers, customers and yes, even machines. Improve productivity, ensure quality, and increase manufacturing output, and do it with a modern cloud-based ERP solution.

Impossible? No, because you have Plex.

Translation: your quality manager easily tracks mission control information and suppliers, no matter where they are or what device they are using. Your plant manager coordinates more productive employees with less training and more automation.

And everyone, including the CFO, has the flexibility to personalize everything. We engineered Plex in the cloud to provide the optimal user experience based on what each employee needs to get the job done.

People connect directly to the Plex Manufacturing Cloud from any internet device, including scanners, mobile phones, tablets and workstations. Regardless of browser type, version or screen size, Plex is always on, delivering access to information with the same powerful user experience. And it does all this without third-party add-ons or plugins often required to web-enable legacy ERP applications.

Whether you are a plant floor worker, selecting your next production job at a work center, posting job status, or pulling production data from machines on the plant floor, Plex easily delivers rich interactive dashboards connected directly to your machines and makes it easy for the CFO analyzing corporate cash management. Here, the financial dashboard gives you an at-a-glance view of cash forecast over time and expenses versus budget status.

Only Plex combines best-in-class functionality with a modern and efficient user interface on a native cloud-based architecture, connecting employees directly to machines, suppliers and customers 24/7, from any location, on any device, at any time. And driving fast and accurate decision-making. Because the sleek graphical interface works the way you do, Plex simplifies training and increases efficiency.

That's why Plex customers see over 76 percent of their employees using the system every day driving ever increasing manufacturing productivity. Ready to accomplish your manufacturing mission? See the Plex Manufacturing Cloud in action. Call 855-534-8012 for a demonstration.


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