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IntelliPlex Financial Analytic Application

Plex empowers you with easy, flexible analytics for smarter decision-making with your enterprise-wide data. (3:48)

Video Transcription

My company, EDGE Enterprises, manufacturers fans and sells through various distribution channels including retail. It’s important for us to stay on top of market needs and our ability to deliver on our promises. I’m going to see how we are doing in our various group companies.

I’ll launch the IntelliPlex application.

As a financial analyst, I need an enterprise-wide view of corporate performance. Already, I can see that the IntelliPlex application gives me a wealth of information at my fingertips. I’m going to take a closer look at the financial performance of our EDGE Assembly facility.

I have confidence in the numbers because the application accesses consolidated a data in near real-time, so I know my decisions are based the most up-to-date information. I can look at overall financials, expenses, payables, receivables, and more. Now, I want to review revenue. Compelling visualization and interaction makes it easy for me to see what’s behind these metrics.

For example, I can view revenue by period, or by quarter. Tabular data tied to the Top 5 Products by Revenue metric makes my interaction even richer. By clicking on any product, I can focus on filtered details for that product line. I can take it one step further by choosing self-service reporting. This let’s me pick and choose the data I want to view and analyze—with no programming or coding skills—so I get the information I need faster.

Now I want to look at Revenue by Part Number details. All I do is point-and-click and I have access to the data in a way that’s easy for me to analyze. I can even choose to view this data in a chart or export it to MS Excel for further analysis. With the IntelliPlex application, I can use industry best practices, KPIs, and metrics without all the usual hassles. The best part is, I can create a personalized view of the analytics that my team and I use in our weekly meetings. This new dashboard combines out-of-the-box KPIs and some custom KPIs that we already created in the IntelliPlex application.

For example, some financial KPIs and analytic objects like Revenue under COGS. I’m also going to drag and drop few more KPIs and analytic objects that I want to monitor and discuss with my team. I want to bring in the Top 5 AR Customers chart created by the team for a more holistic view of performance.

From here, I immediately want to know what transactions contribute to this pending receivable amount from Delta Corporation. By clicking on it, I can view a list of top open invoices for Delta Corporation. I can also drill-down and see invoice details. With another click, I can look at that invoice in Plex financials, along with any additional attachments and electronic notes, for a complete view of the source transaction.

The IntelliPlex Financial Analytic Application empowers you with self-service, drag-and-drop analytics so you can easily manipulate enterprise-wide data—from shop floor to top floor—to make more informed and timely decisions.

Now that you’ve seen what you can do with the IntelliPlex application, contact us to learn more.

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