IntelliPlex Financial Analytic Application

Video Transcript

IntelliPlex Financial Analytic Application

The IntelliPlex Financial Analytic Application empowers you with self-service, drag-and-drop analytics so you can easily manipulate enterprise-wide data—from shop floor to top floor—to make more informed and timely decisions.

Information is the new currency in today’s digital economy and Plex Insight helps you leverage your data with real-time reporting from an integrated system of extensible analytics and delivers quicker time to value for your digital transformation.

Plex gives you high-performance, real-time reporting of enterprise-wide data for more timely decisions and smoother operations. Plex lets you customize your decision support system by delivering extensible analytics that are ideal for your manufacturing business. And, the Insight product line bundles highly-visual, interactive, and dynamic dashboards with trends and patterns for quicker time to value.

You can leverage real-time reports across various departments and functions. Let’s take a look at this VisionPlex report. This report shows up-to-the-minute scrap data all the way down to the part level. You can easily tailor this report by adding a chart to show both a granular and aggregated trend view. 

By adding the graph below to the VisionPlex report, you can visualize how often a part is being scrapped month-over-month to spot seasonality or months with anomalies. You can make this change visible for the whole company or keep it as a personal view.

Plex also delivers analytic dashboards, by domain, including finance, purchasing, production, sales, supply chain, and human capital. In this case, quality managers can get a read on performance across the enterprise or within a specific plant. They simply launch the Production Analytic Application, select the “Quality” tab, and filter by company and time.

You can customize year-to-date scrap data by reason. You are not limited to the built-in metric and can configure the analytic application to suit your specific needs, for example to understand scrap rates by suppliers.

IntelliPlex Analytic Applications enable you to review metrics that are important today and swap those out over time when your company direction changes. You can create a new tab, and pull in other built-in or custom analytic objects that suit your needs

For example, your company may record scrap outside the Plex Control Panel, but you aren’t sure how to bring that data into your dashboard. With IntelliPlex, you can easily build a custom query and create a report that shows both scrap reported at the control panel as well as scrap reported afterward.  

IntelliPlex is a platform that is designed for performance. It has a semantic layer that displays tables and fields in business language and not database jargon.

From here, you can translate this information into a visual graph showing trends of scrap and how it was recorded.  

Any report created in IntelliPlex can be distributed in multiple ways.  One option is to make it available to the IntelliPlex portal in your custom dashboard.  Additionally, you can use the report caster tool to schedule email reports automatically. Of course, you can also add this report to the Plex Report List for accessing from within Plex.  

Plex gives you high-performance, real-time reporting, and querying of enterprise-wide data with highly-visual, interactive, and dynamic analytics for quicker time to value.  And Plex lets you customize queries and reports, with extensible analytics for your manufacturing business needs.

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