Manufacturing System of Record Across Your Entire Enterprise


Real-time Data from Any device, Anywhere

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud is your system of record connecting your business to everyone and everything to unlock the potential of your people. With full inventory traceability, quality controls, and complete EDI, you gain visibility from your shop floor to the top floor for increased productivity and efficiency. (4:15)

Video Transcription

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud was designed by an automotive manufacturer for automotive and other discrete manufacturers, enabling digital transformation to control your shop floor, connect your business to everyone and everything, and unlock the potential of your people.

Plex connects your entire operation to real-time data about your business, from anywhere in the world, from any connected device. Here you can see a top-level dashboard that executives might use to see what’s happening across the business. You can drill down and get to the root cause of an anomaly.

Because the business of manufacturing focuses on producing parts and assemblies, Plex is based on a robust bill-of-material system that manages the individual parts and routings required to produce products consistently – whether you are producing in bulk or in smaller lots.

Plex features a complete EDI system that includes most of the key trading partners in the manufacturing industry. Plex’s EDI is tightly integrated with supply chain processes, from incoming orders and order releases to advanced shipping notifications. And if you ever have any transmission issues, Plex will flag it and tell you what the details of that issue were.

Plex supports multiple planning environments from manual job planning to finite scheduling, resulting in a digital dispatch list so there are no writing jobs on a whiteboard, only to be changed when a customer change occurs. And, if you are a lean plant, you can use Kanban to manage jobs on a pull basis. Further, using the safety stock, minimum job quantity and other data points, Plex suggests what raw materials to purchase in what quantity and when.

Plex shows a shop floor view with automatic real-time status updates from various workcenters. Another Plex differentiation in production control is its unique control panel. Everything that the operator needs to effectively produce, including the jobs they are scheduled to run, is available at their fingertips. Even drawings and work instructions are available digitally.

The control panel error-proofs production to ensure efficiency and quality. If you try to record production without the necessary job setups or materials loaded, Plex issues an appropriate error message. In this case, the workcenter is missing a gage, and a checksheet needs to be completed.

Checksheets are automatically presented when required, and must be completed whether manually or by automated inspection devices connected to Plex. If a measurement is out of spec, Plex will issue an error message, and can automatically alert a supervisor or even stop a machine. All of the digital data entered is recorded forever, and is even made available for statistical process control.

For manufacturers who must comply with APQP, PPAPs and Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (or “feemas”) are tied directly to the control plan with specifications being stored in a common database. And of course, individual documents required by your customers are easily printed, emailed, or faxed as required, but are always stored digitally in the document control system.

Plex maintains a full traceability of inventory – raw material as well as assembled/manufactured parts. Using the traceability tree view, one can view the various components that made up the finished good, including their lot numbers. In case of recalls or any quality incident report post-shipping, you can quickly identify the material in question and its source.

From the shop floor to your top floor, the Plex Manufacturing Cloud institutes a culture of productivity and control you need to transform your manufacturing business to compete in the 21st century.

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