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How to Integrate Plex to your Manufacturing Business - Demo


Connect Your Business to an Open and Secure Digital Ecosystem

Plex Connect is an open integration platform that gives you connected applications, to best leverage your connected things and especially, for your connected people throughout your business. (6:07)


Video Transcription

Plex Connect is an open integration platform that gives you connected applications, to best leverage your connected things and especially, for your connected people throughout your business.

Plex unifies your business by connecting applications for an open, secure, and accurate digital environment. 

Plex Connect delivers the foundation for the Industrial Internet of Things, with connected things such as machines, wearables, and mobile devices.

And Plex connects people—your employees, customers, and partners–with streamlined workflows and processes to improve efficiency and collaboration.

Plex is your manufacturing system of record and engagement that you can configure and extend to suit your business needs. You can browse through existing pre-built application connectivity solutions. The Plex Developer Portal is also your one-stop shop for everything related to Plex APIs. When you’ve identified those sets of APIs that best match your business need, drill into API details with code samples. And when you’re ready, download the API definition to use it and share it with integration platform-as-a-service solutions like Dell Boomi.

Once you’re in Dell Boomi, you can build an integration with Plex APIs for an extended business solution.

Switching gears to your business-to-business connectivity needs… Plex EDI provides a complete set of EDI functionality – built-in, not bolted on. Plex has done much of the heavy lifting to include support for over 800 Trading Partners, ready to be configured for your unique business needs.

You can get started by configuring or adding an EDI mailbox and the corresponding settings for your various trading partners. Once configured, EDI flows in and out of the system automatically. Here’s an example of EDI generation from the Plex shipping functionality. 

And of course, a complete log of EDI transactions is maintained in Plex for full traceability between you and your supply chain partners, and customers.

From within Plex, you can use “Sequel” Development Environment to query the data. Additionally, you can use your front-end tool of choice, such as Microsoft Excel, to use O-D-B-C to access the Plex database. Select the table from within Excel and the data is available to you for further analysis and sharing.

Your IT and more tech-savvy staff can use Plex-supported technologies, like O-D-B-C to access a complete set of documentation for A-P-I’s (plural). Both of these tools honor your access permission settings and require some knowledge of structured query language.

For the increasingly “untethered workforce”, Plex Mobility connects your employees with various business processes, such as finalizing a material receipt from an EDI-enabled supplier. Material handlers on the shop floor have full visibility and understanding of what to expect in an incoming shipment. They can then more easily validate and confirm items against the Purchase Order.

To make your shop floor operations even more efficient and productive, you can integrate Plex with some of the leading-edge wearable technologies like smart glasses and ring scanners. Bluetooth-enabled ring scanners can let you scan materials and check those into the workcenter--hands-free.Now your shop floor operators can perform Plex transactions easier, and faster in real time, but without losing full context and data integrity. 

And your plant supervisors can get access to production information on their smart watches – no matter where they are in the world.

Here’s an example of how these devices work together. When an operator or supervisor comes in proximity of a Bluetooth beacon, the wearable device recognizes the workcenter, displays the workcenter status and the current job. 

This provides them will the information they need without interrupting the workcenter operator. 

When it comes to shop floor industrial automation, Plex has you covered. For example, you can connect a quality inspection system to Plex for automated measurement and checksheet updates. If a product dimension is trending beyond the control limits, the operator is alerted and all processes can be stopped until the problem is addressed, ensuring that bad parts don’t get shipped to the customer. 

For connecting people, securely and efficiently, Plex provides Identity and Access Management capabilities. If you want to incorporate Plex within an existing enterprise-level I-A-M platform such as “okta” or Azure A-D, simply select Plex from the application store and include it in your App dashboard. From this point forward, authentication control and single sign-on capabilities are available.

The more people, things, and applications you connect, the more you need to make sure transactions are traced and available for audit. Plex supports unlimited users with its subscription, so every connection is uniquely identified and recorded. At any time, you can identify who worked on what job, what machine, which plant, and more.

Plex connects your business to people and things for an open and secure digital ecosystem resulting in greater data accuracy and consistency. 

To learn more or see a more detailed demonstration, please contact Plex at 855-534-8012 or online at 


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