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In the Plex Labs: Realwear Headset feat. Microsoft Luis


Manage People, Materials, and Machines Hands-Free

Plex leverages the power of Microsoft Luis and the RealWear headset to demonstrate the future of hands-free technology. (2:00)


Video Transcription

Hi, I am Barrie Vince, Software Architect at Plex Systems. I am at the Experience Lab of Plex headquarters, where we create and test new innovations. Today, we're working with voice activation technologies to help workers manage materials and machines in a totally hands-free and efficient way. For this demo, I'm wearing an industrial headset from Realwear and utilizing Microsoft Luis technologies to create a natural language voice interaction. Let's get started.

Barrie: Move Containers

Plex Assistant: Scan the serial numbers of all the containers you want to move. Let me know when you’re done.


Plex Assistant: 1


Plex Assistant: 2


Plex Assistant: 3

Barrie: I only needed 2.

Barrie: Okay Plex, I need some help.

Plex Assistant: I'm waiting for you to scan the location you want to move the containers to. You can add more containers to the move or you can cancel the move.

Barrie: Okay Plex, let’s go ahead and cancel the move.

Plex Assistant: Sure. Let’s start again. Scan serial numbers you want to move. Let me know when they are all scanned.


Plex Assistant: 1


Plex Assistant: 2

Barrie: Okay Plex, I’ve finished scanning.

Assistant: Okay. Now scan the barcode of the location you want to move them to.


Assistant: Do you want me to move the 2 containers to Press 17?

Barrie: Yes, please.

Assistant: Okay. The containers were moved. Do you want to move more?

Barrie: No thank you.

Assistant: TTFN

Barrie: Plex sees future shop floors with people using smart devices and wearables instead of traditional PCs. These innovations complement connected manufacturing and helps in making their work easier, faster, and safer.


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