The Plex Manufacturing Cloud Advantage

Not all cloud technologies are created equal. Discover the value of true cloud computing: lower costs, infinite scalability and reliability you can trust.

My name is Tom DeCoe. I'm the VP of Infrastructure for Plex Systems. Plex Online is an online ERP system for manufacturing companies. We have about 800 or 900 companies worldwide using our system. We host the customer's data here on our servers. We have about 150 servers. Right now the size of the customer data is around 50 terabytes. We have around a quarter of a petabyte in capacity, 250 terabytes. We have five different internet service providers that connect to us on a SONET ring, which is a fault-tolerant path back to our central office. We do an SS8016 audit each year. It is an internationally-recognized standard. They come in and they audit our development methodologies and our infrastructure. They visit us twice a year, about two weeks each time. We use a continuous improvement process to ensure that our world-class data center is a leader in providing cloud technology.