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Rockwell Automation Has Acquired Plex Systems


Production Planning and Control for Automotive Manufacturing in the Cloud


Visibility, Transparency, and Alignment

See how Plex helps automotive manufacturers stay lean, control inventory, and minimize errors and waste for production planning and control. (1:56)


Video Transcription

Purpose-built for manufacturers, the Plex Manufacturing Cloud delivers the digital transformation needed to gain control of the shop floor, enable total business connectivity, and unlock the people potential to thrive in the modern automotive supply chain.

A unique, and intuitive control panel digitally connects operators with everything they need – from work instructions to quality inspections to production history – it’s all at their fingertips.

Operators can quickly and effortlessly log in from any work center to get their job assignments, view documentation, and more – all using a real time, paperless, single source of truth.

Keep everyone informed by disseminating messages from one shift to another, or company-wide.

Enable leaner operations by centrally managing your production routings.

Plex automatically governs operational behavior by digitizing the process flow from one operation to the next.

This real-time system also makes it easy to traverse the bill-of-material and track inventory on hand with the click of a button.

Minimize errors, waste, and re-work with error-proof production processes aligned with your control plan, including quality checksheets that automatically appear when required and ensure measurements are either in spec or immediately alert you otherwise.

With Plex’s automated processes, you can finally minimize manual data entry and eliminate error-prone paper processes to enjoy a completely paperless shop floor.

From the shop floor to your top floor, the Plex Manufacturing Cloud gives you the visibility, transparency, and alignment needed to revolutionize your automotive manufacturing business.


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