Quality Processes and HACCP


Control Your Shop Floor

Create a HACCP Plan and learn how to navigate through Plex's Control Plan. (2:19)

Video Transcription

So, I’m going to go from my quality specs over to my quality control plan. This is where I take my process step: prep, cook, cool, package, store and I join up my specifications with each of those steps. So if I look at the detail here on the cook step, you’ll see here in the cook step I have a machine identified, I have a product, I have a 140-degree minimum temperature I’m taking. Here’s the temperature gauge, how many times are we sampling, what’s the control method. If it goes out of control, what’s the reaction plan that we initiate? This is a critical control plan, and the end result of this joining of specs is an automatic checksheet that’s going to be used by the operator out on the shop floor. So, if you look across here, I’ve got a checksheet that’s going to be seen on the control panel, telling the operator to take a 140-degree measurement during the batch of cooking of this product. So that’s a quick look at the checksheet. If I go and view the entire control plan top to bottom, you can see how each spec behaves within the process I’ve identified. Now what we’re doing behind the scenes is very important as well. Because if you’ve decided to use our electronic HACCP system, then we’re dynamically creating a HACCP plan that’s running in conjunction with the quality system. So, if we bring this up it will show you the framework we’ve created of the hazard analysis for this part of the process. So here’s our process step, here’s the potential failure that could occur, and the effects of the system, the severity, the occurrence, and then we calculate what we call a risk priority number. A calculation of the overall risk of the system. So, if you’ve taken some sort of a preventative or corrective action, we’ve recalculated the RPN in the hope that the HACCP system will continue to evolve and change, resulting in a higher quality system. So, this is a HACCP system that we’re creating in the background. It’s paperless, it doesn’t reside in a 3-ring binder, it’s actively changing with your process, and it also can go through approval steps within the system as well.

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