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Rockwell Automation Has Acquired Plex Systems


Quality Management for Automotive Manufacturing in the Cloud


Eliminate Waste, Save Time, and Reduce Risk

Streamline compliance and reduce risk with comprehensive quality management in the automotive industry. See how Plex helps you operationalize quality processes with automated checksheets, built-in SPC, and APQP capabilities. (2:14)


Video Transcription

Eliminate waste and save time via automation with the Plex Manufacturing Cloud – which was built to streamline compliance with customer and industry requirements and reduce risk through integral quality management.

Operationalize quality processes with Plex’s digital control plans that drive quality inspections at the production work centers.

For each inspection step, automated checksheets appear when required by the control plan with the measurements or inspections required, the proper devices to use, as well as the proper codes for recording scrap.

In addition to offering flexible configurability, Plex’s connectivity enables operators to record measurements using digital or wireless devices or even with no manual entry using automated inspection systems.

The integrated nature of Plex also enables you to complete Feemas quickly and efficiently online – making collaboration between production and engineering easy.

Plex simplifies the Production Part Approval Process, or ‘Pee-Pap’, by enabling you to define and collect information and electronically attach the most current documents for quick and easy submission – even thru portals - to your customers.

The system operationalizes APQP by forcing the processes and quality steps you documented in your PPAP

Plex ensures that your operators are doing what you told your customer you would do to ensure the quality they expect.

In addition, a built-in SPC engine automatically records the inspections so operators and quality managers can instantly view run charts, histograms, and other quality data – and send alerts or even stop production if a dimension tends out of the control limits.

Improve performance, reduce the cost of quality, and mitigate risk by leveraging the comprehensive capabilities of the Plex Manufacturing Cloud to achieve increased visibility and quality performance from your operations.

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