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End-to-End Visibility for Your Supply Chain

Plex Quality Management delivers comprehensive capabilities with increased visibility and certified quality from your supply chain. (3:06)

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Plex Quality Management delivers a comprehensive set of capabilities that drive increased process repeatability and predictability, while reducing variation and defects. Let’s take a look at how Plex manages day-to-day quality with flexible and integral features that put quality first in any industry. Plex Quality Management helps you to offer your core quality documents with reminders to help your users update your FEMA and control plan, as required, resulting in a closed-loop quality system. Plex automatically offers in-process Checksheets based on your control plan so that an operator must complete the appropriate Checksheet before production can be recorded. Plex Integrated Quality insures your control plan is being executed on the shop floor at the manufacturing moment. You can even share your instance of Plex with your customers or suppliers at no additional charge. This can help streamline responses to corrective actions, score carding and overall collaboration. For example, prior to shipping materials your suppliers can document inspections in Plex, giving you visibility to their quality data while eliminating the need for incoming inspection. Plex’s Supplier PPAP Module allows your suppliers to submit their package documents and notifies you to review and approve. The Problem Control Module supports corrective action exchanges between you and your suppliers, supporting all standard problem-solving methodologies. The Plex Quality Portal makes it easy for suppliers to manage their capabilities and certifications themselves. Plex provides online Supplier Performance Management via the Supplier Score Card System. You can pull performance data, such as on-time delivery, problem responsiveness and number of problems into the Score Card. Plex’s flexible auditing solution supports QMS compliance, 5S or supplier quality audits. Audits can be completed in one-step with a tablet, entering compliance data and even photos, directly into Plex. Say “goodbye” to clunky spreadsheets. Whether you’re using a formal stage gate methodology or the APQP guide, Plex can help you manage a quality launch using our APQP checklist system. Industry standards are a requirement to do business in many arenas. Plex’s compliance modules saves auditors and you time and money. Plex delivers and integral Quality Management System with ends-to-end visibility to help you and your suppliers maintain quality while managing certifications required by your customers and your industry. To learn more, or to see a more detailed demonstration, please contact Plex at 855-534-8012, or online at

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