Superior ERP Software: EaglePicher Implements Plex and Experiences Unmatched Traceability


Greater Customer Satisfaction

EaglePicher Technologies reduced their inventory valuation by $350,000 within the first 18 months, and increased customer satisfaction by improving data accuracy, traceability, and accessibility to respond to customer needs. (3:35)

Video Transcription


EaglePicher Technologies is a battery manufacturer for the aerospace, defense, and medical industries. We’re the AS9100 and ISO-certified manufacturing company, a major provider of the US missile market. Eagle Picher chose to implement Plex Online for much of the same reason most manufacturing companies implement an ERP system, and that’s because we had multiple software programs, spreadsheets, other types of business software trying to run our business and it was not productive or efficient.


Using Plex has allowed us to move from the area where we have multiple spreadsheets and a lot of different functional areas trying to come together as a single entity to represent a quality management system. We were just unable to do that well; took a lot of extra time until we started using Plex.


Like other defense contractors, we’re faced with DCEA audits. Being an integrated system, we manage all of our financial information, our program information, our jobs information, individual jobs, sales orders; everything related to that program is integrated into the Plex system.


Prior to Plex, it was very stressful for us to complete an audit because we spent so much time and energy just getting the data we needed to answer the questions. Now what we’re able to do is bring the auditors into a room and pull up a screen like the one behind me. We no longer take time to go gather data, to look at where our records might be for training or for traceability; it’s all right in Plex.


I think over the last 7 years, Plex has been instrumental in helping us track all of our requirements, whether it be CDRL submissions or other submissions. Previously that we were very limited on what we could track in the system that we had, whether it be International Traffic & Arms Regulations or the export of administration regulations through the Department of Commerce. Through working with Plex, they were actually able to help us in making sure that we’re tracking the correct deliverables, the technical data, the hardware deliveries that are required under International Traffic & Arms Regulations or the Export Administration Regulations. Again, I think this system’s been very, very beneficial for us.


Another great benefit of Plex is the ability to have a full-blown ERP system, and to be able to manage and support that system with the minimal staff. It’s currently just myself and 4 other staff members that manage all the implementation, development, and support of the entire Plex system. We have 7 locations and over 800 users. To be able to support an entire ERP system with that small a staff is typically unheard of.


We now have the ability to have all of the necessary data that represents a healthy quality system with objective evidence, records all in one place that are connected so that the smooth flow of this information is readily available and the traceability is unmatched in anything we’ve been able to do before we used Plex.

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