Advanced Planning and Scheduling: Suppliers and Purchasing Collaboration - Demo


Comprehensive Supply Chain Management

Plex's Supply Chain Management allows for advanced production planning and scheduling. Collaborate with your suppliers for proactive supply chain execution. (3:48)

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Plex Supply Chain Management makes manufacturers more effective and efficient in controlling the timing, cost and quality of their purchasing through collaborative and automated processes. Let’s jump right in to the comprehensive functionality of Requests for Quotations, or RFQs. We see that an RFQ was sent for a part number. Some potential suppliers have not yet responded to their request, while some have acknowledged receiving it and others have responded with a quote. Based on the supplier score card, maintained by Plex Supply Chain Management, let’s choose supplier Alkar for awarding this business. To meet quality of this newly sourced part, a supplier PPAP, or Part Approval Process, gets initiated. The list of various tests, data and compliance is shown here which can vary by industry and submission level. For example, in this case, for level 4 we do not need the design approval and mark it as Not Applicable. This is also the place where you can provide Alkar with the template they can fill in for each of the required documents. In turn, Alkar can attach their completed documents through the supplier portal. We see that Alkar has submitted an appearance approval report. Assuming that the part got approved for the supplier, let’s move our focus over to the Material Planner screen that informs the status of components and parts as required by the manufacturing process. We notice that our specific part number is short in week 2. Let’s click on the part number to see the system recommendation. The system is recommending a quantity of 1,560, so we will take the recommendation and create a release against an open Purchase Order. We notice that the item is no longer short in that period. Our supplier, Alkar, is configured to receive an EDI transmission for PO releases which updates their system instantly for fulfillment. This supplier also collaborates via Supplier Portal. They can directly get to the Release we just created for 1,560 units. From here, Alkar can acknowledge the receipt of the release and even choose to ship parts and print shipping and part labels. Meanwhile, at headquarters, an incoming advanced shipping notice and details transaction have arrived via EDI from Alkar. This takes us to the Finalized Receipt screen, completing the automated and collaborative process of placing an order and receiving against it. Since this part number was marked in the system to be quality inspected, a check sheet gets presented to the receiver, insuring the material goes through a series of prescribed steps for quality inspection. If there are any quality issues found, a nonconformance, or CAPA action can be initiated right from the supplier return screen. Not only can we track the time and steps taken to resolve the quality issue, but also the cost-recovery component of the inspection for an end-to-end business impact. Plex Supply Chain Management brings manufacturers closer to suppliers through a collaborative and automated supply chain process. Enabling buyers to confidently make purchasing decisions for the right amount of inventory at the right price from the right supplier at the right time. All while ensuring high-quality and complete traceability. To learn more, or to see a more detailed demonstration, please contact Plex at 855-534-8012, or online at

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