Supply Chain Planning - Demo


Powerful Demand Forecasting and Planning

Anticipate demand and focus on timely order fulfillment with Plex supply chain planning. Use the robust forecasting tools to for production schedule, sales and operations, and superior manufacturing execution.

Video Transcription

My company, EDGE Enterprises, manufacturers fans and sells through various distribution channels including retail. It’s important for us to stay on top of demand to deliver on our promises. Based on historical demand and confirmed orders (represented green line), the system calculates a forecast (represented by the purple line) that includes customer, location, finished goods, and more.

I can choose a different algorithm based on our needs. I’m using a recommended algorithm and forecast to start our planning.

From here, I can use the adjust option to revise the system-generated forecast. Our sales and marketing teams have alerted us to an expected 15% increase in demand from June to October. The updated forecast appears as a blue line, so I can see it right away. Let’s drill-down to a product category and look at its demand plan. Updated demand forecasting is reflected at all levels, maintaining a single version of truth. I can drill down further to see demand details on a finished product—Turbo Wind Fan.

No surprises here vis-à-vis its demand. We make this product in two of our manufacturing plants: St. Louis and Houston. Moving to supply planning…the system gives us the option to either adopt a Level Strategy for production… ..or a Chase Strategy—so we can remain vigilant on demand fluctuations. I can look at the distribution of this finished good across our manufacturing facilities. I know that our plant in Houston isn’t available for this product line from May 22 to June 12 so I shift the demand to St. Louis.

Now I can see the updated supply for this product in St. Louis. I’m going to evaluate the capacity of this plant to make sure it can meet the new distribution. Seems that we might be short on workforce capacity during the week of June 19, which we can address with an extra shift. Now we are ready to approve the plan and push it to the Plex MRP system. This ensures that each of our plants is operating on an approved corporate production plan. Planners at each plant can now review and execute on this production plan. We also use these recommendations to generate a Master Production Schedule (MPS).

The MPS then drives jobs and purchase orders in Plex. As purchase orders get fulfilled and jobs executed, the system also accommodates fluctuations in both demand and supply, giving us continuous feedback to our production planning process. Plex Supply Chain Planning enables an enterprise-wide cross-functional sales & operations planning process for an optimized master production schedule, ensuring superior manufacturing execution and timely order fulfillment.

Now that you’ve seen what you can do with supply chain planning in Plex, contact us to learn more.

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