Why Should You Attend PowerPlex?


Why Should You Attend PowerPlex?

Hear insight from members of the Plex community as they talk about their experiences and value gained from attending the annual Plex user conference.

Why Should You Attend PowerPlex?

Video Transcription

- [Monti] Powerplex is kind of like the Super Bowl for ERP systems in a sense. It's Plex's opportunity to kind of show off the software, the new things that are coming out in the software.

- [Brad] Plex is amazing as far as bringing their customers together. You can all use the same terminology. You all have some of the same, you know, battle stories when you're trying to work through a new process or a new project. And a lot of people have great insight on things because they'be been there and they've done that and they know what your challenges are.

- [Jody] It enables you to be in a group with a bunch of your peers that are also using the software. You can feed off one another. If you have a certain, you know, thing you're trying to accomplish in Plex and you can't, someone else probably has already figured it out and you can take their tips and, and it's great.

- [Sandy] I've had a lot of opportunity to go and sit in the individual workshops and just really look at what is coming from Plex, or what are some things that we're not utilizing and to really understand what those modules are about.

- [Michael] We sent many of our plant employees to the Powerplex conference before we implemented Plex so that they could get an understanding and learn from the different workshops that Plex offers at Powerplex. So it gave the organization a jump start to implementing Plex.

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