Why Manufacturers Choose Plex's Cloud ERP Solutions


Committed to Your Success

Plex delivers robust cloud ERP manufacturing software solutions developed by manufacturing experts obsessed with continuous innovation and customer success. (3:15)

Video Transcription

What do the world’s leading makers of automotive parts, craft beer and aerospace batteries all have in common?

Efficiency, higher quality, faster production and an ERP vendor committed to manufacturing success.

Introducing The Plex Manufacturing Cloud: purpose-built for discreet and process manufacturing by the manufacturing experts of SaaS with continuous innovation and customer success.

From chocolates and sub-assemblies to car bumpers and stadium seats, manufacturers choose Plex to power thousands of plants across the globe. Plex delivers robust ERP technology in the cloud giving you complete visibility and control over your entire manufacturing process. Plex scales as your operations grow, giving you optimized performance, industry leading uptime and expandable data storage without IT hassles. Plex state-of-the-art security technology ensures your data is always protected. And with dedicated customer support, Plex provides expert service for your manufacturing success.

Here’s how it works: from the plant floor to the top floor, Plex Manufacturing Cloud revolutionizes ERP by generating actionable insights from real-time machine data. Integrating machines, automating inventory accuracy, ensuring end-to-end quality management and documented compliance. Whether you’re producing a safer satellite or the best ice cream anyone will ever taste, Plex is the only 100% Cloud ERP company dedicated to helping transform your business. Delivering the accounting, human resources and business intelligence you need. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud gives you full visibility into what’s going on in every part of your business, including: system status, user performance and even manufacturing intelligence in real-time from any browser, even on mobile devices. All this happens at our first-class, fully redundant data center that deliver best-in-class performance and reliability. Upgrades, no worries, Plex ERP Manufacturing Cloud automatically runs on the latest release 100% of the time. Plus, there’s no charge for an unlimited number of users, no additional hardware, no software to install. And our industry-leading renewal rates and superior customer support reflect Plex customer success. The bottom-line is only Plex connects suppliers, managers, and controls machine. Only Plex manufactures the most reliable, scalable and flexible ERP system on the planet. And, only Plex is trusted by leading manufacturers for their continued growth. Ready to transform your manufacturing operations and increase profits? Make it happen today, with Plex. The only 100% Cloud ERP company committed to your business success. 100% in the cloud.


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