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Why Supply Chain Integration and Visibility Is the Future for Manufacturers
White Paper, Aerospace and Defense
Find out how cloud ERP delivers effective sourcing and a scalable supply chain for manufacturers.
IT Infrastructure Tips for Ensuring High-Performance Cloud Connectivity
White Paper
Attitudes about cloud manufacturing software have changed dramatically in the past few years. Read our white paper to understand how mission-critical data is secured, backed-up, and made always available in Plex, how to plan for infrastructure when ...
The SaaS Licensing Dilemma: Deciding Between Cost and Benefits
White Paper
Not all SaaS licensing programs help your business. Learn how the Plex Manufacturing Cloud licensing model paves the way for your success through: unlimited seats, faster audits, and predictability.
10 Ways to Spot Cloudwashing and Why True Cloud is Your Best Choice
White Paper
Don’t be fooled by cloud pretenders. Use this ten-point guide to make sure your enterprise application provider is delivering true cloud—and not a cloudwashed version of outdated on-premise software.
Multi-Plant Features
White Paper
You’re not constricted to a single-location facility so neither should your ERP system. See how to manage multiple facilities, divisions, and operations with the cloud.
7 Must-Have ERP Features for Rubber Product Manufacturing Companies
White Paper
As a rubber product manufacturing company, you compete in a highly competitive marketplace. Your industry is driven by volatile commodity-based raw materials with end customers demanding quality products, fast delivery, and competitive prices in sma...
Two-Tier ERP: Because One Size Does Not Fit All
What is two-tier ERP? Should you consider a two-tier ERP as a strategy? Find out the answers to these questions and more, along with the benefits of using Plex for your two-tier ERP solution.
The Next Generation Approach to ERP Data Integration
White Paper
Read about a more effective, cost-efficient approach to ERP data integration. Move beyond the limits of low-level APIs, flat files and batch processes.
Manufacturing in Turbulent Times
White Paper
Until global market swings become both less violent and less frequent, manufacturers should take steps to increase agility and decrease complexity by adjusting their ERP strategy. This paper describes the challenges manufacturers face with their leg...
Minimizing the Cost and Impact of a Recall
White Paper, Automotive
Find out how automotive suppliers can minimize the risk of being involved in a recall, or in the event of a recall, be proactive in responding to it.
Cloud/SaaS is a Perfect Fit for Food and Beverage Processors
White Paper, Food and Beverage
See why the cloud is a smart choice for processors. Paper outlines how to improve quality, safety, productivity and profitability.
Focus on Financials: Integrating ERP and Financial Management
White Paper
Create value through real-time financial tracking. See the importance of integrating ERP, production, manufacturing and more.
What Does Big Data Mean for Manufacturers?
Can’t cope with the volume, velocity and variety of big data? Industry expert David Turbide shares strategies in this timely white paper.
Six Game Changers About SaaS
White Paper
The cloud is a game changer. Why? Benefits range from true ERP integration, to ease of use and the importance of up-to-date functionality. Learn more.
Plex Systems Infrastructure: The Cloud Advantage
White Paper
Scared to let mission-critical data leave your building? Read about cloud infrastructure with the most secure systems available in manufacturing.
Mixed Mode Manufacturing: A Competitive Differentiation
White Paper
Today, product cycles are constantly shrinking while product variability is increasing. Customer expectations and demand are constantly fluctuating. Mixed mode manufacturing is one such strategy that can offer flexibility and agility along with incr...
Barcoding 101 for Manufacturers: What You Need to Know to Get Started
White Paper
It’s back to school. Get a detailed look at the accuracy, efficiency and traceability provided by barcoding. The paper highlights the basics and more.
How to Comply with Rev. C.: Aerospace Best Practices
White Paper, Aerospace and Defense
Learn from an aerospace industry expert. Detailed paper shares how to comply with Rev. C. mandates by tapping into the power of ERP automation.
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