Streamlining Program-Based Manufacturing In Aerospace & Defense

White Paper

Aerospace and defense suppliers face formidable challenges with improving compliance, cost-of-quality, and time-to-market while attempting to stay ahead of major project deadlines. The five strategies provided here are proven catalysts for improving program-based manufacturing performance. Download this paper to:

  • Learn how to create a single, unified system of engagement.
  • Discover why you should plan ahead for multi-mode manufacturing.
  • See how you can make new product development and introduction a core strength.
  • Explore defining and implementing scalable enterprise-wide quality management.
  • Make bidding and estimating an enterprise-wide system.
“Having a unified, 360-degree view of quality management and compliance can make the difference between winning or losing contracts.” "Five Strategies for Streamlining Program-Based Manufacturing In Aerospace and Defense" White Paper

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