The Power of Controlling the Plant Floor for Food and Beverage

White Paper

A comprehensive cloud ERP and MES system on the food processing plant floor offers you a clear view of what is happening so you can track complete genealogies, maintain real-time intermediate inventory management and ingredient control, track labor, and more.

As part of a complete and comprehensive system, cloud ERP enables:

  • Real-time production control for better efficiency, traceability, product genealogy and improved productivity.
  • Quality processes that govern operational behavior to make doing the right thing the easy thing to do.
  • Built-in compliance tools that result in higher quality and easier industry and customer compliance.
“Best-in-class ERP solutions provide a complete genealogy of all inventory, including one-up and one-back traceability. This is ideal for identifying and isolating any issues in the case of an audit or recall.” "The Power of of Controlling the Plant Floor for Food and Beverage" White Paper

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