High Tech Manufacturing: EBITDA Optimization

White Paper

This white paper outlines how High Tech Manufacturers can use EBITDA as a measure for core profitability. It also gives manufacturers the ability to compare their own EBITDA performance within their industry.

Download this white paper now to learn:

  • Strategies and tactics to reduce cost of goods (COGS) and increase EBITDA.
  • The impact of non-direct costs such as cost of poor quality (COPQ) on EBITDA.
  • A high-level mapping of the metrics to utilize as key drivers in EBITDA optimization efforts.
“EBITDA eliminates extraneous factors such as interest and taxes and allows us to compare operational performance on an 'apples-to-apples' basis, irrespective of the size of the manufacturing business.” "EBITDA Optimization for High Tech Manufacturing" White Paper

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