How Aerospace & Defense Are Being Transformed

White Paper

Gain insight into how aerospace and defense manufacturers are using analytics from the shop floor to the top floor, galvanized around compliance, costing and, project constraints. Manufacturers are using these tools to address control of tight time-to-market schedules and complex compliance requirements while improving cost of quality. Download this paper to:

  • Understand the need for accurate analytics for aerospace and defense suppliers is increasing rapidly.
  • See how A & D suppliers are gaining manufacturing intelligence through real-time analytics.
  • Appreciate how one of the most important metrics of all, overall equipment effectiveness (OEE), is critical for suppliers to focus on.
  • Uncover the KPIs and metrics most often found on A & D suppliers’ dashboards.
“Manufacturing intelligence makes it possible to capitalize on the lessons learned from OEE and better define quality metrics for profitable operations.” "How Manufacturing Intelligence is Transforming Aerospace and Defense" White Paper

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