Minimizing the Cost and Impact of a Recall

White Paper

While there isn't much an automotive supplier can do to prevent being involved in a recall, the ability to respond in the investigate and mitigation of an emerging problem can be greatly improved with active compliance. Where most ERP systems fall short, the Plex Manufacturing Cloud has all required data and history combined in a single database, and retrieval and search tools are designed to trace relationships and provenance.

Find out how to minimize the impact of a recall by:

  • Limiting the time, effort and cost of an investigation
  • Using backward and forward traceability to pinpoint the extent of a recall
  • Utilizing "active compliance" and why it's critical
  • Getting accessible and accurate records from an integrated, single system ERP
“Plex is built around the most comprehensive integration in the business, database and tools designed for full traceability, and active compliance to ensure completeness and conformance.” "Minimizing the Cost and Impact of a Recall" White Paper

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