6 Common Myths about Cloud ERP for Manufacturers

White Paper

Companies large and small are moving to cloud ERP in the cloud to save money, improve IT performance and free up resources on critical business functions. Like anything new, however, there are concerns and fears about cloud ERP that executives and decision-makers cannot ignore.

This whitepaper addresses and debunks the common myths people have about cloud computing, such as:

  • The cloud isn’t secure
  • Every vendor has a cloud option
  • In the cloud, I don’t own my own data
  • Cloud ERP is more expensive in the long run
  • Outages occur more frequently in the cloud
  • Cloud ERP is one-size-fits-all
“The fact that the systems and data are not under the same roof as the manufacturing company is inconsequential and, in fact, can be considered a benefit – if the plant suffers a catastrophe, the data is elsewhere and therefore not at risk.” "Debunking Common Myths and Misconceptions About ERP" Whitepaper

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