Cloud/SaaS is the Perfect Solution for Food & Beverage Manufacturers

White Paper

Cloud/SaaS ERP delivers secure, reliable, real-time service with unparalleled back-up and disaster protection. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud delivers full ERP-MES integration, end-to-traceability and world-class quality functions. Explore the main reasons Cloud/SaaS systems are quickly becoming the preferred choice for food and beverage processors including:

  • How it helps manufacturers operate more efficiently and profitably.
  • Learn how the cloud solution manages data off-premises while providing you real-time access anytime, anywhere, using a simple internet connection.
  • How built-in redundancies ensure that customers’ data remains safe and accessible.
“Cloud users report increased productivity; there’s no need for manual consolidation of data from different locations.” "Cloud/SaaS is the Perfect Solution for Food and Beverage Manufacturers" White Paper

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