ERP Innovations & Updates Specific to Manufacturing

Continuous Innovation

Take advantage of new innovations the minute they are available. Always be up-to-date without ever again having to go through a tedious upgrade process.

  • No other ERP vendor innovates at the pace of Plex. Most ERP vendors issue new releases in bundles, once a year at best. It could be years before you see a critical bug fix or new feature.
  • Plex rolls out updates seamlessly across our entire customer base on a daily basis. No customer is ever out of date, and users can opt to take advantage of new innovations the minute they become available.
  • Plex users never have to face an expensive and disruptive upgrade process as updates are continuous and seamless. Plex notifies users when new functions are available, allowing customers to then activate new features at their own discretion.
  • The Plex user base is a true community. Built-in forums and a community platform link customers to each other and to the Plex support and development team. Users play a critical role in innovation and product evolution.
  • Best yet, since all the customers in the community are on the same release, they can have meaningful manufacturing conversations from a point of common ground. Plex customers never have to ask each other what release they’re on or whether they should upgrade.