Plex Cost: Low Cost ERP Installation and Maintenance

Plex Cost

Plex Cost - Lower your cost of installing, maintaining and supporting your ERP system - year after year. Learn more about Plex total cost of ownership.

  • The Plex Manufacturing Cloud significantly cuts the cost of installing, maintaining, supporting and upgrading your ERP system. By removing ongoing costs such as maintenance, support and upgrades, total Plex cost of ownership is lower not just in year one, but throughout the lifetime of your relationship with Plex.
  • Unlike retrofitted solutions that claim to be in the cloud, Plex provides a single technology stack that serves all of its customers, meaning lower costs, higher scalability and democratized access to continuous innovation.
  • Plex is a true cloud ERP system. New customer instances can be turned on instantly with no setup costs. And Plex grows as your business grows, without the need for you to add additional hardware or middleware. The cloud delivery model enables Plex to build economies of scale into the infrastructure, saving you money every day while meeting or exceeding the service levels and security of internal IT departments.
  • Plex provides its entire ERP solution via an online service, meaning users need nothing but a log-in and a web browser to get started. Your internal support costs are reduced because there is no client software to install and manage. Plex also works with any browser type, version or screen size.
  • Simply put, Plex lowers your total cost of ownership.