ERP Systems Built for Manufacturers

Purpose Built for Manufacturing

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud is 100% focused on discrete and process ERP manufacturing with industry-leading plant floor to top floor functionality. Plex delivers unprecedented customer success through a relentless pursuit of continuous innovation for the manufacturing industry.

  • Plex has always been purpose built, from day one, with an unwavering pursuit of meeting the unique and complex needs of manufacturing companies. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud is not for banks or hotels — just manufacturing. 
  • Plex has both the depth and breadth of capabilities manufacturers require. Plex is the only ERP system on the market with built-in native Manufacturing Execution System (MES) capabilities. Plex can connect to every machine, device or console on the plant floor to form a complete cloud-based backbone for the modern manufacturing organization: no third-party software to buy, implement or maintain; a consistent and intuitive user experience; and new features and functions continually rolling out to keep customers on the leading edge.
  • As a single unified system, Plex provides integrated traceability throughout the plant and the supply chain. In addition, Plex provides built-in native EDI to connect seamlessly with your customers and suppliers to get orders, ship notices, and acknowledgments directly into and out of the ERP modules without third-party products or interfaces.
  • This full, rich ERP functionality is supplemented by a common infrastructure and services to handle workflow, document control, messaging, security, reporting and analytics, and mobile access when you’re on the go. Providing a complete cloud solution, Plex gives you all the tools you need to manage your manufacturing business for quality, efficiency and excellent customer service.
  • Our customers operate more than 1,200 plants using the Plex Manufacturing Cloud. An industry-leading 95% renewal rate proves that Plex knows manufacturing and delivers the broad and deep functionality manufacturers need to succeed.