Unlock the Potential of People

Unlock the Potential of People

Informed, engaged, and effective workforce.

Focus high-value employees on high-value work. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud addresses your changing business needs and helps manage costs, quality, and efficiency as you grow.

Plex SaaS cloud ERP collects granular information at every manufacturing moment, and Plex Insight analytics provides powerful manufacturing intelligence that allows you to use that data to make faster, more informed business decisions.

  • Focus on process improvements instead of managing disparate business applications.
  • Minimize unnecessary activities through automation.
  • Pivot valuable personnel to data and process analysis.
  • Support unlimited users to scale and spur efficiency and collaboration.
  • Utilize one single set of data for timely and accurate business decisions.
  • Digitize data collection to increase output per employee.
  • Stay current with access to modern tools and functionality.