Plex Systems ERP Software


What’s the coolest thing ever? It’s knowing who you are, what you’re on this earth to do, and then doing that thing with other people who feel the same way.

That’s what’s so cool about Plex Systems. We started out as people who loved manufacturing, who took pride in the making of things. These same people applied their knowledge of engineering and software development to create native cloud manufacturing ERP, a new way of thinking about ERP – built from the plant floor up instead of from the accounting department down.

So, Who Are We?

Our founders knew that they were doing something special, something meaningful. And they were doing this great thing in the company of people who felt the same way. That hasn’t changed.

Plex Systems is a cloud ERP technology company. To be precise, we’re the only manufacturing cloud that delivers plant floor-focused ERP to manufacturers. We’re proud of our manufacturing heritage, of how we got started and of who we were. We’re just as proud of who we are and how we’re helping today’s manufacturers claim their place as leaders of economic growth.

We Own It

We’ve been in the cloud since 2001, long before anyone knew there was a cloud. We’re talking pure cloud: none of this on-premise, large, lumpy objects finally faking a cloud presence stuff. We own the manufacturing cloud. We’ve been there from the get-go. And yes, we’re proud of that too.

Rust Belt DNA

It’s okay. We know some people call Middle America’s manufacturing centers the Rust Belt. But those people don’t know that manufacturing isn’t so rusty anymore.

Manufacturing is leading our economy out of a lingering recession. In fact, according to the National Association of Manufacturers, U.S manufacturing by itself is equivalent to the 10th largest economy in the world. You don’t produce 1.8 trillion dollars a year without doing a lot of things right.

Our customers rely on the Plex Manufacturing Cloud to connect the plant floor and its complex processes with every other part of their business. Our cloud is a platform that powers innovation – innovation based on real-time, anywhere access to information, instantaneous communication and global collaboration.

Manufacturing is in our DNA. If that makes us Rust Belt residents, we’re okay with that.

On a Mission? You Bet.

You’d expect us to have a mission. That’s what tech companies do – even a slightly awkward, Midwestern geeky-chic tech company like us. We’re on a mission to replace under-performing, on-premise ERP with manufacturing-ready ERP from The Plex Manufacturing Cloud. It’s a new day. There’s a new model of manufacturing. Honestly, on-premise ERP can’t keep up. It’s built for a different time: a time when processes were fixed, customer demands were steady and suppliers stayed in place for a while.

The rules have changed. Product cycles are shorter. Go to market times are faster. Customer demands, global supply chains and the information they generate require ERP that works at the speed of manufacturing time.

We care about manufacturing. We want manufacturers to succeed. That’s why we’re on a mission to replace old, on-premise ERP with The Plex Manufacturing Cloud, ERP built for the new model of manufacturing.

Pretty Cool Culture @ Plex

You can tell a lot about a company by the way they treat their employees. Plex employees are very happy people.

It’s not the flex time, the generous benefits, the nice office space, or even the great coffee they have on hand. It’s the sense of purpose, the feeling that when you work at Plex you’re part of something good, something larger than you alone.

Plex treats its employees as partners in success. That’s the same way Plex treats its customers. It’s a culture that understands the company’s success depends entirely upon helping its customers and employees succeed. Plex’s commitment to people extends beyond the office to the communities in which we live and work. Charitable giving, volunteering and sponsorship of school projects in science and technology are also part of the Plex DNA.

So, who are we? People, like you – people who work together and work hard to make extraordinary things happen for our customers. Plex is a pretty cool place because it’s the place where we do the work we love.