Industries & Business Processes

Gain a competitive edge from the industry-specific
functionality offered by Plex.

Addressing Your Industry Needs

You need more than a one-size-fits-all ERP software solution. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud delivers targeted functionality built to meet your unique industry requirements.


Aerospace and Defense

Bring unmatched execution, traceability and security together for an ideal ERP solution


Increase your agility with manufacturing execution excellence and end-to-end visibility

Food and Beverage

Get the quality and traceability you need for your lot and recipe management

High Tech and Electronics

Manage your business with precision for short product cycles and volatile demand

Industrial Manufacturing

Easily manage manufacturing complexity with a built-in manufacturing execution system

Precision Metalforming

Control your inventory, equipment and costs with a focus on quality and timeliness

Improving Your Production Efficiency

Get more from your plant floor with the Manufacturing Execution System built into the Plex Manufacturing Cloud.  
Enable lean operations for increased productivity.


Meeting Your Business Process Requirements

You depend on the operational efficiency of your business processes. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud delivers integrated and streamlined business processes
to ensure your success.


Consolidate to Report

Report your multi-entity business with ease

Design to Retire

Manage the full lifecycle of your products

Order to Cash

Treat your customer right and convert orders into cash

Plan to Produce

Manage your production with quality and control

Procure to Pay

Efficiently manage your purchasing processes from start to finish

Reconcile to Report

Produce a comprehensive audit trail for confident reporting


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What can you do with Plex?

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