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Food and beverage processors face perhaps the most complex manufacturing environment in the world.

With ingredients whose expiration dates vary depending on how they are stored and processed, commodity prices that are affected by weather halfway around the world, and a dizzying array of global safety standards (e.g., FSMA. GFSI. HACCP. The Bio-Terrorism Act. SQF) , the challenges within the food and beverage industry are not for the faint of heart. But the Plex Manufacturing Cloud is here to help.

The Plex Manufacturing Cloud was designed to capture real-time information about processes and communicate that information to every part of your business. At the same time, our cloud ERP software has been specifically customized for manufacturers in the food & beverage industry, enabling them to manage and mistake-proof their processes — while easing regulatory reporting and compliance.

You’d expect any good manufacturing ERP solution to provide you with lot tracking and traceability, but of course we also offer complex recipe/formula management, lot control, and some of the most advanced quality management capabilities available anywhere, in any software package.

But we’re more than just these features and functions, just as your business is more than its raw ingredients. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud is a dynamic platform for running the business you’re in and the business you’re on the way to becoming.

  • Lot Tracking/Traceability

    In the light of recent legislation and a number of food safety incidents, traceability of food products back from the consumer to the very beginning of the supply chain has never been so important. Plex offers full traceability systems to manage this important process more effectively.

    • Graphical forward and reverse traceability with drill through analysis of any item, raw material, Work in Progress or finished good
    • Manage any recall situation in minutes rather than hours or days
  • Batch Production

    Process based manufacturing requires unique functionality like managing recipes, formulas, batch production and lot control. Plex provides tools to manage these unique industry requirements allowing recipe version control, lot and product characteristics tracking, and support for co-products and by-products.

  • Quality Management

    Effectively managing the quality of ingredients, Work in Progress and Finished Goods is critical. Plex provides powerful tools to help in this effort, including: automatic identification of products that need inspection, real-time status of products that are in Quality Control hold or failed inspection, corrective action for failed inspections, and more comprehensive quality features.

    • Quality Management is integrated throughout the system; not an add-on or stand-alone module.
    • Integration capabilities to LIMS systems, PLC’s, etc., to pull real-time data
    • Gain visibility into quarantined lots ensuring they are not used, shipped or can be easily recalled
  • Recipe Management

    Process Manufacturers require strict control over recipes and formulas. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud comes with features that help food and beverage processors manage versioning by ensuring the correct recipe is always used. The Plex Cloud also maintains a history of all batches and lots produced using older versions of recipes.

    • Version Control
    • Effectivity and expiration date management of recipes
    • Reverse Bill of Materials to support disassembly processes with co-products and by-products
    • Quick copying and pasting of recipes to manage versioning
    • Multi-Level Bill of Material to manage the complexities of recipes and routings
  • Regulatory Compliance and Reporting

    Food and beverage processors face more scrutiny from both government regulatory bodies as well as customers. This increased pressure to meet stringent quality, traceability and document control standards is driving the need for more robust functionality. Plex is well positioned to help customers meet and exceed proper control of the Bio-Terrorism Act, HACCP, GFSI, SQF, ISO and other regulatory mandates.

    • Full forward and backwards traceability
    • Serialized tracking of inventory at all levels
    • Electronic signatures
    • Document control system
  • Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)

    EDI is required for doing business throughout the food and beverage processing supply chain. Setting up and maintaining an EDI system can be cumbersome, time-consuming and expensive. Plex simplifies and streamlines the process. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud’s EDI features integrate with manufacturing systems for cost and time savings. Our expert staff stays up to date on the latest standards, protocols and trading partners.

    • Supports all EDI standards including ANSI X12 and EDIFACT
    • Seamless integration with orders, releases and shipping
    • Automated creating and handling of all acknowledgements without user involvement
  • Planning & Scheduling

    Plex has a fully robust and integrated planning and scheduling engine to help companies better manage reorder points, MRP, PRP, forecasting and scheduling. Food and beverage processors better manage inventory and meet customer demand by improving efficiencies throughout their process and increasing customer satisfaction. Includes

    • Forecasting
    • Full MRP and PRP
    • Single and multi-facility management
    • Visual sequence board
    • Finite scheduling
  • Document Control for Food & Beverage

    Plex Systems understands the needs of food and beverage processing companies when it comes to managing documentation. From Standard Operating Procedures immediately available in electronic format at the workstation to historical recordkeeping, training videos and integrated shipping documentation, nearly any type of document can be stored throughout the system for immediate retrieval. Fully integrated document control helps manage regulatory mandates including ISO and the BioTerrorism Act of 2002, ensuring food safety and quality control.

    • Version Control
    • Check in/ Check out documents
    • Change Control with full history
    • Context-based document control for Certificate of Analysis (COA), custom forms, Standard Operating Procedures and many more
  • Inventory Management

    Food and beverage processors require extremely tight inventory control. The Plex Manufacturing Cloud manages inventory in real time, enabling immediate visibility of the current status and history of all inventory to ensure compliance with customer and regulatory mandates.

    • Flexible cost management
    • Fully integrated barcode printing and RFID support
    • Multiple unit of measure management and conversions
    • Warehouse Management
    • Shelf life control
    • Characteristic tracking of raw materials, Work in Progress and finished goods to help manage variability
    • Support of Catch Weight
    • Starter

      Food and Beverage – Starter:

      Growth is good, but it doesn’t feel that way when the business you love has outgrown your ability to manage it. When accounting programs and post-it notes can’t support your customers, it’s time to change. When you’re afraid to win that big, new account because you don’t have the capacity to manage it, it’s time to change. And if the thought of an audit makes your heart race, it’s time to change to Starter.

      Customers use Starter to:
      • Coordinate fundamental business functions – order to cash, plan to production, procure to pay
      • Capture real-time critical metrics like product cost and downtime
      • Track, account for and trace all ingredients and raw materials to know precisely which ingredients were used in finished goods to facilitate fast recall and traceback
      • Fulfill customer orders accurately, on time and profitably
      • Propel them into the next phase of growth beyond their outgrown accounting package
    • Core

      Food and Beverage – Core:

      You have an antique, on-premise system. Or, maybe you have newer ERP that didn’t live up to expectations. Either way, you’re leaving money on the plant floor, the place where your business begins.

      If you’re not as competitive as the next guy, it’s time to take the legacy system off of life support. If you don’t have ERP with quality management built in, you can’t protect your customers, your reputation or your livelihood. If you want to compete with the big boys, it’s time to change to Core.

      Customers use Core to:
      • Manage quality - it's fully integrated throughout the production process to prevent quality issues before they occur
      • Help Human Resources manage their workforce
      • Bring new products to market more effectively
      • Coordinate effective supply chain management, EDI, customer and supplier portals, workflow
      • Provide a competitive advantage through better information visibility and real-time performance
    • Advanced

      Food and Beverage – Advanced:

      You’re big, probably global. You’ve got an ERP system that manages accounting, human resources, purchasing and shipping at the corporate level. But you’re smart. You know that profitability can be found on the plant floor.

      The money is in the details, granular data about the efficiency of machines and the productivity of people. It’s time for Enterprise, a solution in the Plex Manufacturing Cloud that delivers dynamic ERP for complex operations.

      Customers use Advanced to:
      • Manage the complexities that come with expansion
      • Accommodate multi-site, multi-language manufacturing-driven ERP
      • Deploy advanced options for accounting, including:
        • Actual costing
        • Fixed assets
        • Quoting and estimating
  • Modules