Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM)

The Plex manufacturing management software solution provides a real-time view of your plant floor operations for smarter, more confident decisions that drive increased efficiency.


Confident Manufacturing Decisions

For effective decision-making, you need reliable, actionable information. Plex delivers a manufacturing management software solution that is available to the entire organization – in real-time. Plex MOM software was designed around a synergistic model that brings together all of the key data needed for confident manufacturing decision-making that results in effective production control.

Manufacturing Operations in the Cloud

Real-Time Operational Excellence

Every element of Plex manufacturing operations uses a single source of knowledge to drive business processes as a system rather than as a collection of loosely integrated add-ons.

  • Make timely decisions confidently with immediate access to accurate, real time production data.
  • Monitor and manage operational KPIs with sophisticated reports and dashboards.
  • Find and access the information you need, when you need it and from wherever you are with any connected device.

Shop Floor

Plex is built on a manufacturing execution system (MES) that incorporates the key principles of lean manufacturing. Plex MES eliminates waste through a system of error-proofing principles that ensure the highest quality, compliance and documentation.

  • Monitor and control your plant floor with visibility to the changing demands that drive your business.
  • Control your entire manufacturing business with interoperability between the plant floor and the top floor.
  • Regain and maintain control of your quality output for reduced waste, greater customer satisfaction and industry compliance.

Manufacturing Operations Product Lines

Products and Programs

Track all program activities to ensure compliance and timely reporting.

Planning and Scheduling

Plan for an optimized capacity utilization of your shop floor resources.

Inventory Management

Improve inventory accuracy and optimize material availability.

Production Management

Keep your plant efficient and productive with a central production hub.

Quality Management

Improve product quality and comply with specifications.


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