IDC: Discrete MES Report 2016 Vendor Assessment
Analyst Research
IDC positioned Plex Systems as a “major player” among six manufacturing execution system (MES) vendors in this IDC MarketScape, noting that Plex is a U.S.-based cloud ERP player with manufacturing processes at the heart of its value proposition.
Breakout Vendors: SaaS Business Applications
Analyst Research
Analysts Paul D. Hamerman and Liz Herbert identified six vendors – including Plex Systems – who have what it takes to become breakout vendors in fast-growing SaaS categories, including ERP.
Driving Quality and Profit with Compliance: Success Strategies for A&D Suppliers
Analyst Research, Aerospace and Defense
The Aerospace and Defense industries are experiencing record change, and the pressure to ram up production and realize cost efficiencies is higher than ever. Suppliers today are being measured on their ability to demonstrate robust quality systems, ...
The Economic and Strategic Benefits of Cloud Computing
Analyst Research
Find out how cloud ERP saves on average more than 15% in IT spending, and delivers speed of implementation, scalability, agility and ease of upgrades for organizations today.
LNS Research: Manufacturing Metrics in an IoT World
Analyst Research
Manufacturing is changing. The traditional view of manufacturing plants as islands of automation, expertise, and control no longer stands up in an ever more connected world. This has undoubtedly been accelerated by interest in the Internet of Things...
Proactive Quality for Automotive Suppliers: Addressing the Impact of Product Recalls
Analyst Research, Automotive
Read the LNS analyst report "Proactive Quality for Automotive Suppliers: Addressing the Impact of Product Recalls" which shares benchmark data from over 750 suppliers along with actionable insights on how to best respond to and mitigate the impacts ...
The Future of the Supply Chain: 6 Cloud-based Trends Shaping Food and Beverage Manufacturing
Analyst Research, Food and Beverage
View our eBook to see how emerging ERP systems are overhauling the food and beverage supply chain. Based on insights directly from manufacturers, our 6 cloud-based trends serve as an essential guide for industry leaders looking to streamline safety ...
Manufacturing Metrics That Really Matter
Analyst Research, High Tech and Electronics, Aerospace and Defense
The new report from LNS Research shows how manufacturers can select the correct metrics approach that aligns to their business manufacturing processes to drive optimized improvement efforts.
Building Integrated Quality Processes in Aerospace and Defense
Analyst Research, Aerospace and Defense
Find out how aerospace and defense leaders get a competitive advantage by benchmarking quality objectives and challenges and building integrated quality solutions to ensure compliance.
IDC Manufacturing Insights Report: Continuing Growth for Plex Systems
Analyst Research
This IDC Manufacturing Insights Perspective report highlights Plex Systems’ success to date and plans for investments in 2015 and beyond. It also discusses how the company’s offerings and cloud delivery model appeals to manufacturers. Plex ended 201...
Benchmarking Your Quality Maturity: Turning a Cost Center into a Profit Center
Analyst Research
Download this eBook from LNS Research to better understand where your organization is in regards to Quality Management maturity and how can you progress forward to be a leader within your industry.
Closed-Loop Quality Management: Connecting the Value Chain
Analyst Research, Aerospace and Defense, High Tech and Electronics
Manufacturers are under more pressure than ever to improve costs, meet compliance, and mitigate risks. Find out how manufacturers should view the value chain, the benefits of building closed-loop quality management processes, and actionable recommen...
Managing ERP Implementation Projects to Deliver Increased ROI
Analyst Research
Expert analysis shows how mismanaged projects result in business difficulties and cost the company money. See how you can learn best practice methods for seamless implementation of ERP projects.
Cloud-based ERP: Finally time for back office as a service?
Analyst Research
Read the stories of what three manufacturers gained from implementing cloud ERP including cost savings, agility in IT, and operational gains within the supply chain.
Food Safety and Quality: Ensuring Complance and Traceability Across the Enterprise
Analyst Research, Food and Beverage
The results of Aberdeen’s latest benchmark report illustrate a rapidly evolving food and beverage industry. Rather than making business decisions based primarily on cost, the data shows that the priority has shifted towards improving quality and com...
ERP in Manufacturing 2011: Defining the ERP Strategy
Analyst Research
An industry study details how companies achieve quantifiable improvements with advanced ERP systems. Read about inventory cost reductions, delivery improvements and improved quality.
Creating a Modern, Effective Manufacturing Environment with ERP
Analyst Research, High Tech and Electronics, Aerospace and Defense
Discover how leading manufacturers maximize their ERP investment, resulting in business benefits.
Work from the Cloud
Analyst Research, Food and Beverage
This special report includes stories from Food Processing, food safety experts Leavitt Partners and Plex Systems to explain the advantages (lower overhead, universal but secure access and automatic upgrades) of running your plant from the cloud.
2014 Trends in ERP Converge
Analyst Research
Read the 2014 Trends in ERP Converge report and learn how cloud ERP: upholds maximum network performance, delivers better access and total visibility, and combines functionality with seamless integration.
Reducing the Cost of Quality in Electronics Manufacturing
Analyst Research, High Tech and Electronics
An informative research report shares insights into best practices for electronics manufacturers. See techniques to reduce defects, improve overall quality.
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