Your Marriage with Cloud ERP: A Lifelong Commitment
Analyst Research
In ERP, just like in a marriage, all parties need to work together. An informative analyst paper takes an in-depth look at how ERP systems can support the enterprise over the long-term. Read about successful strategies for a life-long relationship with your ERP system.
Food Safety and Quality: Ensuring Complance and Traceability Across the Enterprise
Analyst Research, Food and Beverage
The results of Aberdeen’s latest benchmark report illustrate a rapidly evolving food and beverage industry. Rather than making business decisions based primarily on cost, the data shows that the priority has shifted towards improving quality and compliance.
Business Process Management and ERP: Driving Efficiency and Innovation
Analyst Research
This analyst paper discusses Business Process Management (BPM) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems. Research shows that BPM and ERP systems aid continuous improvement with dynamic updates and standardized processes.
IntelliPlex Embeds Intelligence into Cloud ERP to Maximize Value
Analyst Research
Read expert analysis about advanced Business Intelligence capabilities. See the powerful advantages offered by embedded reporting, intuitive dashboards and real-time metrics.
ERP in High Tech: Driving Innovation with Insight
Analyst Research, High Tech and Electronics
Researchers provide insight into the challenges faced by high tech and electronics manufacturers. Analysis demonstrates how top performers achieve less overhead, less rework, and improved time to market.
Creating a Modern, Effective Manufacturing Environment with ERP
Analyst Research, High Tech and Electronics, Aerospace and Defense, Automotive, Industrial Manufacturing, Precision Metalforming, Food and Beverage
Discover how leading manufacturers maximize their ERP investment, resulting in business benefits.
Supplier Quality Management: Seven Tips to Reducing Non-Conformances in the Value Chain
Analyst Research
Researchers offer seven tips to reduce non-conformances in the value chain. Don’t miss analyst insight into the importance of gaining real-time visibility into the entire supply chain. See tips to improve supplier management.
All-Inclusive ERP
Analyst Research
This informative analyst report details the thought process and questions involved with adopting an ERP system. Learn how cost, functionality, technology integration and deployment methods all interrelate to form the information base needed to decide on an ERP system for your business.
ERP in Food and Beverage Manufacturing
Analyst Research, Food and Beverage
Researchers survey the state of the food industry. Report details how leading processors use ERP to manage compliance, reduce risk and implement product traceability.
2014 Trends in ERP Converge
Analyst Research
Read the 2014 Trends in ERP Converge report and learn how cloud ERP: upholds maximum network performance, delivers better access and total visibility, and combines functionality with seamless integration.
2011 ERP Solution Study: ERP in Manufacturing Performance Benchmark
Analyst Research
In-depth research examines ERP costs and return on investment (ROI). See key performance indicators (KPIs) achieved by the highest performing organizations.
Operational Intelligence: Aligning Plant and Corporate IT
Analyst Research
Research reviews the tool sets, architectures, and standards that allow for flexible business processes. See the importance of implementing integrated IT systems to manage new product introductions, customer service, quality and compliance.
To ERP or Not to ERP: In Manufacturing, It Isn't Even a Question
Analyst Research
This useful report reveals research that 26% of manufacturers have yet to implement ERP. Learn why manufacturers are limited by multiple systems, manual methods to track production, shop floor and other operations.
The Unified Manufacturing Environment: Transparency, Collaboration, and Decision-Making with End-to-End ERP
Analyst Research, High Tech and Electronics, Aerospace and Defense, Industrial Manufacturing, Automotive, Precision Metalforming, Food and Beverage
Discover how leading manufacturers are improving transparency, collaboration and decision-making with end-to-end ERP.
Is it Time to Purchase a New ERP?
Analyst Research
This paper highlights the importance of replacing legacy ERP systems before they are “dying” and serving as a roadblock to business success.
Proactive Quality for Automotive Suppliers: Addressing the Impact of Product Recalls
Analyst Research, Automotive
Read the LNS analyst report "Proactive Quality for Automotive Suppliers: Addressing the Impact of Product Recalls" which shares benchmark data from over 750 suppliers along with actionable insights on how to best respond to and mitigate the impacts of recalls. Learn more.
Managing ERP Implementation Projects to Deliver Increased ROI
Analyst Research
Expert analysis shows how mismanaged projects result in business difficulties and cost the company money. See how you can learn best practice methods for seamless implementation of ERP projects.
The Economic and Strategic Benefits of Cloud Computing
Analyst Research
Find out how cloud ERP saves on average more than 15% in IT spending, and delivers speed of implementation, scalability, agility and ease of upgrades for organizations today.
ERP in Manufacturing 2012: The Evolving ERP Strategy
Analyst Research
This research report by the Aberdeen Group outlines the next steps manufacturers should follow after implementing an ERP system.
ERP in Manufacturing 2011: Defining the ERP Strategy
Analyst Research
An industry study details how companies achieve quantifiable improvements with advanced ERP systems. Read about inventory cost reductions, delivery improvements and improved quality.